100 Doors Game – Escape from School Review

100 Doors Game – Escape from School is a puzzle game that was first released on the app store that has been ported onto steam and other locations. As you can guess from the title the premise of this game is to escape school by escaping various school buildings such as a cafeteria, science labs and various classrooms that you are in but the doors have been locked and to open themby completing puzzles.

As much as this game does look quite childlike which fuelled my first impressions of this game as visually this game looks like and as much as it does appear to be a very child orientated/friendly game as much as it does look the part this is no children’s game. Firstly this is an escape room style game with a tendency to lean towards to more complex and harsher puzzles especially at the later stages which I think many people would struggle with as you have to thoroughly search each room for items/keys and when you do think literally and laterally to solve the puzzles provided. Another reason I say that it is no children’s game is that you do have to have a good knowledge of subject portrayed in each class room with topics ranging from foreign languages through to chemistry and the further you get into the game the more complex it gets. Granted you can search for solutions online but that defeats the purpose of the game as there is only 140 levels with no extra replay value involved. Also some of the puzzles have no logic to them one example of this is being one of the library levels, if you use a hint the game will literally instruct you to “Click and shake mouse 3 times to shake the tree.”  Firstly there is no tree that is in the library levels and secondly the books have nowhere to fall from unless of course the library rains books but shoving fantasy aside how is it possible for a library to rain books. I’m guessing that they did this so they can make money from selling hints; which is strange since the developers don’t want people looking up the solution online as it makes it less challenging but you want to provide the answer yourself.



Although this is a port of an app store game which technically on paper may not seem to be a problem but this is a near enough exact port of the app store version and there is plenty of issues with this. My main issue(s) is that some of the puzzles require you to shake your mouse instead of a phone(which makes no sense on a pc game) and it doesn’t utilise the functions available on a computer such as a keyboard I found this out when I was in a room I had figured out the number to a key door I tried typing the number in to no avail so instead I had to click on the numbers individually. I feel that because it is a port it should have been made compatible with a keyboard as well as the mouse.  Also on the banners/flyers in the game they haven’t been fixed changed and the developers have only put a quick image on it (poorly placed) to paste over it even sometimes as seen above they will have a few different products on the banner and leave it blank for a minute before changing the product advertisement, I’m guessing on the app store version it would have been a rotated of adverts for various products that they could put over the banner.

But one thing I found to be quite strange about this game is the story (if there is one) is that you are located in a school (alone presumably at the start of the game) but you are sometimes locked in the same room multiple times which seems to be odd as I thought the goal was to escape school not to re enter it. Also in some of the classroom some of the doors have windows and sometimes you can see another person(possibly a teacher) that are walking in the corridors yet you are supposed to be alone; also if they could see you why and knew you was there they could have helped in some way to getting you out.

Overall I would generally avoid this game as it isn’t really worth spending your time on but I can only recommend this game if you’re looking for a quick game that can be completed in a day.

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