Ace Of Words Review

Disclosure:I was given the game by a steam friend rather than the developer however I don’t do biased reviews.


Ace of words is a word game that provides players with 6/8 letters to create as many words (up to 100) against the clock provided that the word is featured in game dictionary. When I was on the main menu I noticed an advertisement for this game to buy a copy of this from the app store as shown in the Image above. I do think that this is bad as not only does it show that this game is a port of an app store game and this isn’t even hidden/concealed (on the steam version). The appstore version whilst it may only be 99p it is a cut down version of the same game the main differences between both versions being that the  there is no access to the steam scoreboard and there is also microtransactions in the app store for this game with hints(which are free on the steam version), advert removal and access to the ‘full’ game being offered.


The game itself from the menu isn’t visually impressive and the way the game is done aesthetically both quality and design wise is very reminiscent from an early flash game that one can find on miniclip and likeminded websites as it is so basic.


When I was playing the game I noticed that the time limit is glitched/badly implemented as when you unlock enough words to move onto the next set of letters to use unless you click next game it will class it as a game over which I find to be annoying as it should do so automatically if you have entered enough words. I was surprised as to the word selection the in game dictionary has there is a varied selection of words from foreign languages which I think is strange as this game is based upon the english language (or at least on paper). There are plenty of words omitted from the dictionary in game many of them being common words that are used every day such as ‘rip’ and yet the game does allow foreign words such as ‘ese’ to be used.



Thankfully the game’s length isn’t too long as each game is as short as 120 seconds long assuming you don’t add any words to the list. It can also much longer lengths this being based upon how good you are at playing the game as you can complete hundreds of different sets of letters and this can go on for as long as you’re willing to play the game if you wanted. If your objective is to unlock all the achievements on steam this can be completed as short as a few in hours.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase the game as it is in my opinion is incomplete (for the ipad version at least anyway) and offers nothing more than a simple word game that many websites offer a similar experience for free (as offered in the link below), there are also better word games with more content on offer like letter quest. The only time I would recommend playing this game is if someone on your steam friends list gives you this as a present and that is only to farm the cards.


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