Alice’s Patchwork 2 Review

Alice’s Patchwork 2 is a sequel of the jigsaw game alices patchwork that is based upon the alice’s adventures in wonderland and Alice and the Looking-Glass story. The game was originally avaliable on the app store, although it has since been ported to various other digital platforms such as amazon and steam (which is the version I have played on and the review will be based upon.)

Content wise with regards to the port (at least on the steam version) there has been some additions to the game these being the achievements and trading cards, however the only changes to the game made have been in the removal of microtransactions as on the appstore version you have the option to pay for coins earned in which you use to buy hints or the right to skip to the later worlds which I welcome as you have to pay for the game on steam. Technically however there are no changes between the 2 versions as far as I can find out.

With the title of the game insinuating that it was heavily orientated about the story mentioned in the title(Alice’s  adventures in wonderland) I was hoping that the developers would have (unlike last time) actually made the game an interactive story game that included a variety of patchwork puzzles to depict the story in question.  However just like last time when it comes to the Alice in wonderland story being used in the game it is only used loosely as the main theme for the game which putting some of the more popular references/icons in levels (such as alice and the door that she needs to shrink down to enter)  putting the visual references aside the only other mention of the Alice’s adventures in wonderland story is at the beginning where it shows a comic book style display of Alice returning to wonderland via a mirror in her family house which is a shame as there is a lot of lost opportunities of things that the game could have added to make it significantly better. I think the game would be more interesting story wise as it could have included slides of artwork during the start and end of every level with animated cutscenes that is related to what is going on in the story and even read directly to you that goes through the story by each chapter as done in educational reading games or even implementing it inbetween levels.

However limited the games story is the game play on the other hand is great as I can decide which (out of a choice of 5 pieces.) I want to put into the jigsaw with no trouble in placing them or deciding which piece I wanted which I thought might have caused some trouble in later levels as the later puzzles do have more pieces in them, the difficulty is fair as it starts off with only a few pieces in them and goes up incrementally as you go further in the game, but on some levels I did notice that some pieces are symmetric/repeating and you pick the wrong piece that goes in the correct location according to the game you will either use a hint or guess before finishing/even restarting the puzzle which is frustrating for many and it wasn’t in the last game. Although I do think that for a casual game some of the level requirements maybe a bit difficult as in order to get points you have to complete each puzzle in under a specific amount of time and not making any mistakes and I feel that for some audiences they would struggle with some of the levels on the main game and would benefit from playing the game on the free play levels as they have a laid back approach which I like the addition of as it provides a more gentle mode to the game while leaving a harder version available.

I also feel that this game is very much a copy/pasted sequel as the user interface in the menu’s, going through the levels etc is the exact same as the previous game (except that the images used in the games are different). Even the music in the game is the same as the previous game and I feel that it is very familiar and whilst for some it may be ok I think that it provides a sense of déjà vu, if they had changed the music and the doors(that are locked) in the level selection it would have been ok but too much is reused for it not to be noticed.

Overall I would generally avoid the game as it is a port of a free to play game with little to no changes made and I don’t think too much of the game as it skips the story of Alice in wonderland which is a missed opportunity on their behalf, so the final product rather than the game being a jigsaw based story game what you get instead is a collection of patchwork style jigsaws with some to no relevance to the story it’s based on. Also there is no unlockable content in the game as after you have completed all the levels available you have seen everything that is on offer. I also think that this game feels that it is too much of a copy/paste as the only differences is in the artwork and the levels provided. But if you are purchasing this game at a price of 40p or less (this game is sometimes on sale occasionally upon steam at 90% off) for someone who wanted more levels to the previous game or as a gentle Alice’s adventures in wonderland themed jigsaw game it is worth looking at.

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