Animation Throwdown Review

Animation Throwdown: The quest for cards is a free to play multiplayer online trading card based game in which players can build a collection of collectable cards based upon various animated series. The cards in game are used to challenge other players in a duel to see who can beat the other player and the game does play out like other trading card games. The game is based upon how you play, the strength of your characters/cards, what cards you have as you can combine 2 cards to make a stronger card and what character you play as. Whilst this simple enough basis is very easy to get into it is somewhat complex as you have to balance your deck against what your play style is and what cards opponent may/may not have/use so it isn’t as simple as it seems.

I feel that the game is fun to play and I do like how the game has its tactics. However I do think that the battles do drag on as there are a lot of animations which after the first few times they are used become repetitive and time consuming over time. I don’t particularly like how this game does have so many restrictions with regard to crafting combinations as I feel that the fact that you have to either wait for up to 2 days for a combination to be researched is unnecessary in game as in other games this isn’t done and this is just an extra cash wall for the game. It is also to be noted that this game is ported directly from Kongregate/App Store as it has tap to continue placed on the games screen on various times.

This game like another multiplayer online game has no ending per se but as expected for a free to play game there is energy restrictions which mean that you can only play for a set period of time,  however if your objective is to complete all the steam achievements it will take over 100 hours to do this, however if you wanted to be the best player on the server it will take plenty of time (and cash) as you have to play the game constantly in order to get to the top of each leaderboards, have a wide selection of high level cards for any chance of success.

The micro transactions in this game are advertised recently while some of them are at a lower price there is the option to spend obscene amounts of cash on them. For example one day I started the game the first thing to pop up on screen was a full paged ad for a ‘deal’ priced at $99.99(I am guessing you can convert this in game for any other currency only through kongregate.) in turn you get 10000 gems (which can get you around 50 advanced combo unlocks) and 500 mythic stones (which you need 1000 to earn 1 high power card.) and normally for exact same price you only get the 10000 gems.

Overall I wouldn’t really recommend this game because it is a pay to win game and is a direct port from Kongregate/App Store. However if you are looking for a free to play card game especially if you are a fan of any of the cartoons featured in the game it maybe worth trying since you don’t have to pay for anything. But I wouldn’t recommend anyone pay for any extra items in game since some of the items are ludicrously priced and you can get all the items in game just at a slower rate.


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