Arcade Moonlander Review

Disclaimer: I obtained this game for free during a giveaway in the lockdown however I don’t do biased reviews.

Arcade Moonlander is an arcade style game in which you are a rocket pilot and your objective is to land your rocket at a designated landing spot that is located somewhere on the map and more often than not you will end up trying not to bump into any incoming objects such as meteorites/walls or run out of fuel. For many reading this(of a particular generation) the concept will not be particularly new as this game is heavily inspired by retro classic Lunar Lander in which you have likeminded objectives as you have to land a Lander onto a landing spot.

For a game that is inspired by another game and it certainly does keep true to its roots as it is very inspired by the game Lunar Lander and has kept its art style to a monochrome style which is the same style the game it is inspired by uses, although I think it is a shame that it has only this style as I would have liked an option to have a option for coloured graphics as I think that it would look more appealing to many as not everyone will accept the monochrome graphics. Also when it comes to gameplay it is the same as it is the standard landscape view and you have to use an arrow key based system (if using the default options on a keyboard) in which you use to move the position of the rocket and to use fuel in order to move, which is a fiddly system that whilst it serves its purposes to provide a challenge(especially in the later levels which are very close quarters) so that you have to keep manoeuvring it so that it doesn’t crash or the moment you need to accelerate you don’t end up going in the wrong direction.

But when it comes to game I feel that there is a wide selection of content on offer as you get 3 different modes in which you each have a unique way of playing. Firstly you have arcade mode which is the bog standard mode in which you have to locate a landing spot and land to it which is very straight forward and easily understood mode to play on, although there is only a limited amount of levels to play on. Secondly you have adventure mode in which you have to land on the landing spots but it is different as you are placed in a much bigger map and it uses teleports to provide a sense of progression (instead of using different levels) and to act as a checkpoint; this mode is also much more complex as you have to dodge even more obstacles that come into your path and have more routes that can be taken to reach your objectives. Lastly you have procedural mode which is a procedurally generated level that is created by the game which provides a limitless amount of levels, in the mode you can do 3 different methods these being a quest mode in which you complete levels but you have 3 lives and if you bump into 3 items or run out of fuel it is game over; secondly you have a time trial mode in which it is based on completing levels against the clock but you lose fuel/bump into something once you will have failed and lastly there is practice mode which is playing the levels without any challenges.

Overall I can recommend this game if you are after a retro style game that is a similar experience to Lunar Lander, however I feel that the content is limited and somewhat repetitive at times so it is best to picked up during a sale if you are unsure about this game but if you love retro games you will love this.

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