Bloons TD5 Review

Bloons TD 5 is a tower defence games that is based around the Bloons flash games that was popular in the early 2000’s in which you popped balloons with a dart throwing monkey through various physics puzzles. Although there is a flash game version of this game, in this review I am basing my review on the steam version as there is various and significant differences between the 2 versions, out of the versions the steam version is superior as there is more content (namely a higher number of maps to play on and more towers to name a few benefits.) and removal micro transactions featured in the flash game version, although there is some micro transactions featured if you desired you can buy virtual skins for certain towers but they only have aesthetic value and nothing else.

Gameplay wise this is just like a tower defence game in which you are put on a map which has a predetermined path in which the balloons follow to get from the start of the path to the end of the path, but the route in the level you are playing on can be played in reverse, which I like as it is a neat addition and it provides and extra challenge as you have to plan the route in reverse and it doesn’t always plan out as easily as putting the units in an inverted order as you would if you did the map on a normal route. But before you allow the balloons to attack you get an unlimited amount of time to think about where you are going to place your towers at the start of the first round you play on which I like as it makes it easier for children and those who are new to genre and need a little extra time to plan things out. But it isn’t as simple as just placing towers over the map Willy Nilly you have to look at each tower and see the abilities of tower such as being able to do large damage but have a slow attack rate or being a non combative unit but able to produce money for you as some maps in particular there is patches which you can place towers; however it makes no sense to place certain towers in given locations or setting a tower up to perform a given task although your play style in tower defence games will be a huge factor on what towers you place, where you place them on the map and your purpose for it being there. There is also a challenge mode in which you get a randomised track and 4 random towers you are forced to use in order to get past each level I like this mode because it is difficult and provides a strong challenge but sometimes you get towers that aren’t a feasible combination to use as one time I had a the starter map that is underwater and I was given 4 basic land units that are ok for easy mode but outside of it have no real usage.


However this game is more sophisticated than your average tower defence as it does include bit of a role playing aspects as you have to level up perks in game with coins you earn by completing levels or buying it with in-game cash that makes your game easier such as having more cash at the start of the game or having more lives which you have to decide what perks to get and when to get them. There is also buildings that you can unlock after buying a plot of land that will make a tower that is related to the building of choice slightly cheaper as well as the option to upgrade the buildings so you can provide extra abilities for your towers such as being able to see camouflaged balloons unassisted or being more powerful, but it does also make one tower slightly more expensive as a result, but you can switch buildings around if you need to use another building as you may need to use another tower and using the respective building  makes more sense.

The role playing elements don’t end there either as each tower must be levelled up by using the towers in the game in order to unlock the privilege of buying the upgrades on each tower. Also each tower has 2 upgrade paths which after you pick the 3rd upgrade on either upgrade route it can comes with its own unique abilities, take the glue gunner for example which is a unit that is  used to cover balloons in glue to slow them down with the first 2 upgrades I can take on both paths I would have a unit that has glue that can remove lead from a balloon whilst continually destroying layers off the balloon over time and is able to cover a handful of units at a time which is handy to have in the game at the start of the path. However the 2 upgrade paths for this unit provide a different but useful purpose if you take the first upgrade path you would be equipping the glue gunner with a stronger glue which is able to do more damage with the glue which is great for universal usage as the basic glue whilst it is efficient at removing the normal balloons from the map over time and easily eradicating the weaker balloons from the start of each wave isn’t a particularly useful way to stop the regenerating balloons, as a result of me taking the first upgrade path whilst I would have a tower with higher strength glue as a consequence of this there is no fancy ability that you can get with unit if you go down this path and you can only cover so many balloons in glue at one time. Although if I had taken the alternate upgrade path the glue gunner would be equipped with a new glue gun which would be faster be able to cover units in glue faster and be able to have an ability to cover the entire screen in glue (which would cover all balloons in glue), but the glue used in this tower would only be of basic quality.

In conclusion I can happily recommend this game to most people as it is a good quality tower defence game with a long game length and the game is also still getting updated with plenty of new maps that are added to the game on an occasional basis.

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