Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth

Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth is an updated version of Breach & Clear: Deadline, which is advertised as a squad based action RPG game that is set in a zombie apocalypse. The differences between the original and rebirth is that the co operative online mode has been removed and some of the game mechanics have been overhauled.


For an action RPG Game I think it is very basic as you have limited customisation options and the best you have is a choice of 12 different portraits of male soldiers each with its own in game avatar with no option to make your own. In this game you start off with a unit class and you develop skills that are in the tree each with its own skills but you can also pick other combinations later on when you unlock other trees such as a medic/scout. Sadly there is no stats in this game to differentiate the characters only what perks you choose to unlock which I think is a shame since it would have been cool to have stats so you know each role for your squad such as a medic that has a high health rate but low running speed so it can be used a tank/healer build or a scout that can attack at long range but doesn’t have too much health rather than everyone has the same statistics and the only difference is abilities that they can use and what perks they have chosen.

Gameplay wise as much as this is advertised to be a tactics based game there is little use of this since your main enemies are zombies and there is no need for tactics to be used most of the time as they are so easily killed and the only time they could be used is against humans but they have a higher damage ratio to you so instead of trying to take cover I resorted to using the zombies against them when possible or using an ability that turned the enemies against each other and then took them out while they are fighting. Another thing I have noticed is how much of the game is very reminiscent of Diablo whether it being the dungeons on offer being a crawler experience that involves you going through and fighting your way through each floor, the quests which are mostly about playing fetch and visually the main difference is that but it is set in a zombie apocalypse setting rather than a fantasy setting, and this game has no option of melee combat.


The game is also very poor quality as when you are using the games user interface all the controls are made with console conventions such as using left/right buttons to go through menus it even features buttons on an Xbox controller when upgrading items on a work bench. The main one which affects the whole game is in combat (which is the main offering of the game) and it is actually because it is quite basic and the AI is quite dumb as for your own team (except for whichever one you control) if you tell them to move to a position and stay there and you move for whatever reason they will actually follow you instead, the computer AI for the enemies is also affected(particularly the zombies but even cult followers/mercenaries) in some instances are so stupid that they will stare at the wall and you let you shoot them with no reprisals.

Overall I would recommend that you don’t play this game as it is a repetitive, basic experience that is no longer updated and there are better games which offer a better experience. Also if you do buy this game for whatever reason only buy the single version when it is on sale and don’t buy the 2 pack version that is offered on steam as the single copy is £6.99 and the 2 pack is £20 more expensive just because of the convenience of having 2 games ordered in one order rather than ordering a single copy twice.

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