Burger Shop Review

Burger Shop is a time management game in which you are the owner of a burger joint and you have to serve waves of customers as quickly as you can to earn a minimum amount at the end of each day so you can go to the next level.

Granted the concept for this game seems simple enough as all you’re doing is combining items of food that come across a conveyor belt to serve customers it seems easy enough on paper but it really isn’t as easy as you would think. Whilst you may be thinking that it looks like an ipad game it can’t be that difficult however each individual customer has their own traits most of them being to do with difficulty  such as being impatient, asking for 3 of each item but there are some customers with neutral perks such as being very patient but at the same time asking for a large order, and it isn’t one at a time as you have to deal with 4 at a time which might not seem hard but later on you get more items you get to make items with and you have to deal with waves of impatient customers and you have you decide which you prioritise first. But to make things easier you get upgrades to assist you such as a robot that completes one order for you and various power ups thay appear on some items of food that if given to customers they will help you such as all your equipment cooking food instantly or extra cash. You can also give out to customers in order to appease them for a few moments but you only have so many unless you get to use the power up to have more to hand out.

However the challenge doesn’t stop there are each mode does provide a different challenge biased on the mode selected as there is 4 different modes on offer each with their own offerings for a challenge. Firstly you have story mode(and expert mode which is a harder version of it) which serves as a standard mode in which you serve customers in a variety of different restaurants; it does also play out as a pseudo puzzle in a sense as the items that come across the conveyer belt are items that you need to combine to appease customers and you get a pre set amount of items that are needed so you can build an item (such as a basic burger) to use/expand on as well as having the extra free space on the conveyer belt to get more food options or to put already built items on it which is helpful.

Secondly you have relaxed mode which is a simplified mode that offers players the right to deliver to customers at any time so there’s no need to prioritise as they will never leave until they are served but instead of having limited items you get a pick and mix of assorted food items (that is infinite and random) to choose from this is both good and bad biased on how you look at it because it will give you items you don’t need at the current time but will want later but at the same time you can have one of each drink, ice cream etc on their respective equipment to cook them all ready for you when you want them. Thirdly you have challenge mode which operates the same as relaxed mode but the main differences is that you get 60 secs per wave to serve customers and that you can fail this mode because once a customer loses patience you will fail and the further you get in. Lastly you have extreme mode which is story mode but the main reason it is called is extreme is because you have to score perfect scores all the time and if your customers start to lose patience they will take cookies to appease them but the moment you lose all your cookies you have to redo the level from scratch. This mode I feel is frustrating because of this and at the later levels it is annoying,but in order to unlock this mode you must complete expert story mode.

Overall I feel that this game is a good game with a decent enough amount of content even if it is a bit repetitive in nature; I do also particularly recommend this game to children and casual gamers due to the easiness of accessing the game even if later levels gradually get harder. I would also only pick it up when it is on sale as for many after you have completed the game once and got all the achievements you probably will not go back to it.

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