Bus Driver Review

Bus Driver is simulator in which you are a bus driver and you provided with a given route and your objective is to complete each route as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst ensuring that your customers are happy.

Whilst on paper it seems like a decent idea for a simulator as it easy to design a realistic simulator around being a bus driver, in execution this game this game is poor. On a technical level whilst it is ok game and is generally bug free I think that whilst it all well and good for it to be bug free. But technically it is lacking in various areas such as the vehicle physics (particularly the AI) which is poor as when I was driving down a motorway the traffic light had stopped us at red but the moment it turned green they went off at max speed (including AI buses) also if you drive they are near you the other vehicles will automatically stop, meanwhile I am struggling to brake. Also when it comes down to changing your viewing frustum there are no options in changing the user view as you only have either a 1st/3rd person perspective and it is in a fixed position as it will not allow you to change the screen view when driving leaving you with only 1 view which is limiting since you will want to look left/right either way to see where you can drive whether this is an intentionally bad design or if it is bad programming. I also noticed that in the settings it states that it is compatible with controllers I tried one with this game and it wouldn’t work.

The design for this game is also poor because not only is it not thought out properly it also doesn’t work. Take the way damage is shown in game is also quite bizarre as there is no effect from bad driving no matter how bad/often I caused mayhem as I tried in 1 mission to drive like it was bumper cars and after I stopped traffic and did a lot of damage to other vehicles (which stopped in the middle of the road) my bus hadn’t got a single scratch and worked perfectly.  Another thing I don’t like is how every passenger acts the same as each other starting from when they are at the bus stop as they stand there statically through to when they are on the bus they are still static and they just sit at the front  when on the bus and I think for a bus simulator it is silly as a bus that is full of school kids yearning to go to a swimming competition is going to be a loud environment compared to a bus full of middle aged people wanting to go to work which is a generally quiet experience in comparison. I will also say the same about the design of the vehicles as they are aesthetically different (you get a 12 different buses to drive) you would think that they would have a different style of driving such as different speeds but they all handle the same which I think is silly as driving an american school bus isn’t going to be the same experience as driving a coach.

However some of the features of this game are quite funny as when I stopped at a bus stop to pick people up the bus will do an automatic double kneel and open the doors wide open even though when passengers are getting on the bus they don’t walk onto the bus instead they teleport onto the bus. Also for an extra challenge if you decide to drive in reverse on the wrong side of the road you don’t get penalized in any sense, granted you need to hold one of mirror buttons to see any incoming traffic but it is a thing you can do in this game.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this game as it is a poorly made game that fails at providing a realistic bus driver simulator due to how the game was built. Also I feel that it is very simplistic and whilst it might be ok for a small child to play on during a rainy day it isn’t worth buying under any context but if it is free or part of a bundle then try it by all means.

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