Cargo Commander Review

Cargo commander is a rogue lite platform game in which you play as a cargo commander and your objective is to clear cargo containers in outer space that you can summon using a magnetizer that catches giant cargo crates that are filled with cargo(and other treasures such as postcards),monsters and previous cargo commanders.

Cargo Commander game play wise is very easy to play on and it is addictive. Sure the game itself is very shallow and lacks a large amount of content as there isn’t much of a selection when it comes to weapons, monsters or the environments in game. But what had appealed to me is the large amount of randomly generated sectors with the even the option of creating your own levels but I found that typing in names of your own planets and even typing in random alphanumerical characters will give you a new world which is neat and the goal of getting all the different items you have collect in order to complete the game, however each level. This game is a game that you won’t need too much skill to play on but to truly master a sector multiple playthroughs are needed so you can know the layouts and where the cargo is located so you can get there quickly.

Although I don’t like certain aspects to this game one in particular with the design is the upgrade system in this game as I feel can trick players to continuing further into the game as it has a limited selection for you to buy from the start and it may encourage players to carry on yet there is no more upgrades to unlock if you go further on, sure you get extra perks such as extra caps to spend at the start or some other ability but you don’t get extra upgrades to buy to improve your equipment. Another issue I have is the fact that from time to time you get emails from your in game wife and you cannot reply back to her (which could have been cool as you could get a back story etc)but at times she will say that your house is leaking but you have no way to help her as you cannot send any duplicate cargo you find to sell to pay off any repair men etc but whenever you reach certain levels you are allowed to sell off duplicate cargo to pay a delivery to deliver items you get for your cargo container which is a bit weird.

However I feel that although the game does become repetitive, this isn’t helped as the mission for all the planets is the same. Also all the environments feel the same as all the assets, cargo items, monsters etc are the same as I could show you 2 different screenshots from randomly selected sectors and you couldn’t tell me which planet it is from as they are all alike with the only individuality being the layout of each monster/cargo locations. I also feel that the ‘routine’ of playing the game is another example of why it is repetitive as you start the day by picking up a mug of coffee(if you want to) and then going downstairs in your cargo box to purchase any upgrades you can(if you have unlocked the upgrade bench), then you use the magnet to summon cargo containers you can search through; then when a wormhole comes you have to retreat to your cargo box wait until the wormhole has disappeared, Rinse and repeat this until either you run out of life in the game or alternatively you get bored and then call it quits  so you use the navigator to end the day.

Overall I feel that Cargo Commander is a simple to play game with a long and repetitive endgame. If a 2d rogue lite platformer is the type of game you would generally play on then you will have a lot of fun with this game and I would recommend getting it. For anyone who is unsure of whether it is your game, I will suggest getting it on sale as it is on sale from time to time and can be bought for as low as 39p, plus if it is you do like it cool if not hopefully you get at least some fun of it even if you do eventually get bored after a few hours.

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