Colouring Book For Adults Review

As I have previously reviewed the childrens counterpart to this game I only feel its fair that I review the ‘adult’ counterpart which operates in the same mentatilty but instead of providing cartoon colouring pages, it instead offers ‘adult’ colouring pages which is more geared towards adults. But to anyone who unaware as to what ‘adult’ colouring (generally) is they are colouring books/pages that are suitable for everyone but they aren’t patronising to give to adults and the pictures are generally mandalas,patterns or realistic images (common examples of subjects featured includes animals,flowers and real world settings) rather than being a childlike images in a cartoon style. Generally these types of colouring pages are popular with millenials as well as being common place in nursing homes and other care settings as it is generally better to give the clients an ‘adult’ colouring page rather than a child orientated colouring page.

When I was first looking at the game it actually seemed like it was going to be a different game as it was geared to adults rather than children so they might have had a different approach when it comes down to designing the game as a whole or even changed some of the features of the game even on an aesthetic level. However what I don’t like about the game is the steam description as it states that it offers (and I quote) ‘over 20 coloring pages with up to 30 coloring sheets each. That means that you can color alphabets, numbers, pop art works, mandalas, food, animals, and much more, all within the same app.’ Whilst it is true that there is up to 30 pages on each sheet there is some false information as for starters if you have over 20 pages and upto 30 sheets how is that any sense I’m guessing it is meant to say theme/topic given the next sentence stating the fact you can animals,mandalas and other themes and that  the developer hasn’t checked their description. Also if your playing the game as a free to play player there is only 3 themes to access unless of course you pay for the extra themes.

Now gameplay wise the mechanics haven’t really changed as you still have to click on the section of the image you want to colour in, and then after you have coloured in the image you get to put on a filter for it, before saving it. On a technical level feel that the way it is designed shouldn’t be the way you colour in sections on most pieces of software and especially in any art game as it limits creativity of what players can create with the game. But what has changed is the difficulty as the kids colouring game has large sections for the players to colour in which is great for it’s target audience. Thankfully this game does have smaller sections for you to colour in and it does take a lot longer for you to complete an image as each image has plenty of small sections for you to colour in and  some times the game won’t let you colour them in and it can take a few clicks for game to recognise that you want to colour in the section. Lengthwise comparing it to the previous game it took me 10 minutes to complete an image in the game whilst in the kids colouring game it only took me 2 minutes to complete an image, as a result of the much longer play time required and the fact that most images are laden with small sections I wouldn’t advocate letting children play this game due to how difficult it can get even if contentwise there is nothing untoward or if people think that because it is rated 3+ by pegi, children can play this with no issues whatsoever.

Contentwise I think that it is visually a better game as the images are more complex which is more fitting for the target audience and the images are even better drawn than the previous game as when I did colour in some images I found that none of the sections had unintentially gone into another section which was an issue on some of the pictures on the kids colouring game. But I feel that it is a complete let down when it comes to image style selection as it is only zentangle/occasional cartoon style image when it comes to the design of the images and I think that it should have at least some realistic images of some of the settings particularly animals/landscapes as just having the same art styles for all the images is quite repetitive when it could offer much more.

But when you have done all the images that are free for anyone you can buy a full access pass for the game which is $12.99(£9.42) or you can alternatively pay $1.99(£1.44) each theme you would like to buy although it is cheaper to get the full access pass. The content you get on the full access pass I feel is of poor value as whilst the content is more suitable than some of the content found in the kids colouring game you can actually buy an ‘adult’ colouring book for that price. I feel that there is better ways of digital colouring such as on a graphic design program, if a better colouring game comes out or better yet get access a to colouring page/book and do it physically.

Overall I can’t recommend this game as it is poor value for money and it is essentially an ‘adult’ version of a kids colouring game with little to no differences in the games design(other the images.), and a lot of the content such as the music used and aesthetically how the game is layed out is exact to the kids version.


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