Colouring Book For Kids Review

Colouring book for kids is an interactive colouring book that is explicitly designed for children, featuring 3 different themes for anyone to colour in and many others are available to colour in provided you pay for the full access to the game.

Whilst it is a colouring game it isn’t very creative as to what one might have expected because rather than providing you with the option of colouring anywhere on the picture you want as you would with a physical colouring book in the real world. Instead what you have is a colouring system in which you click on a segment on the picture, such as the background or a petal and it colours it in for you, and I feel that it makes pictures look basic granted this game is meant for kids but how many people child or not will want to just doodle all over the page or add a more realistic effect to picture such as shadows. Also I found that some of the pictures they aren’t properly drawn as in one picture whilst I was colouring a carpet in and because there was no line to separate it from a dresser and it actually coloured it in the same colour as the carpet which I think is silly since I wouldn’t really have expected that 2 different areas would have the same colour. Finally after you have done your colouring you get to put a filter on your picture (instagram style) and then save the image as one of the file types selected.

Selection wise each theme offer 18-34 different pages for you to colour in and there is 3 themes to use unless you pay for full access to the game. The 3 themes in question are quite cartoony and this is a cartoon based art game with no alternatives such as patterns on offer. There is a full access pass to purchase which is £9.29 and offers 14 different themes to choose from overall it works out at 66p for each theme(at the time of writing as it may get updated in the future.). Most of the themes on offer are generally kid friendly but I am puzzled as to why out of everything that could have been chosen for a children’s colouring game the bible is one of the first themes that was chosen when there is plenty of other things that are more relevant to children such as toys or school. I feel that even at 66p per pack it is a waste of money as you can buy a colouring book at that price and colouring pages are freely available on the internet so you aren’t limited to (for example) 20 butterfly pages in a cartoon style and you could have more pictures in different styles to choose from to colour online, in a art program like paint or even just printing the image off and colouring it physically.

Although you get a decent selection of images in each theme this game is really short as each page can be coloured in very quickly as it took me no more than 2 minutes to colour in one page. Frankly I spent more time deciding what shade of colour I should use on each part of the picture as on most of the pictures the covering of each section only takes a second and most sections are big; although on some pictures there are some small sections that some people may struggle to click on but generally it is very easy use.

Overall I would avoid this game because it provides little content unless of course you are willing to shell out for it and I think that what is on offer is basic even if it is meant for children. Generally if a child wanted an art program I recommend letting them use paint and putting a colouring page on it for them to scribble on or better yet get them an actual colouring book to colour.

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