Contagion Review

Contagion is a procedurally generated first person zombie shooter that involves player(s) being stuck in a given location and based upon the scenario you are provided with set objectives and you have to complete as many of them as you can (if you possibly can) with a plethora of objectives which ranges from escaping a map that you are stuck in through to finding and extracting survivors with even a battle royale style scenario being on offer.

This game is a zombie game that offers 5 different modes to play on, but this game is a strange as it is procedurally generated so it is based upon how the level is set up which is the main factor on whether you can complete the map and biased on difficulty/mode selected if you have enough people to play with you.  But regardless of what you are playing and with who this game is heavily orientated towards multiplayer which has a small amount of active players(less than 20) at any one time that being said you can play on some modes alone (particularly the escape mode) but this is a multiplayer game by design. Also when I did find players more often than not they were more experienced than everyone playing and unwilling to show anyone else how to play the games better or if you was too slow/fast for them.


But the game itself is limiting as 3 of the modes are completely dependent on having other players (these being hunted which is battle royale scenario where you have a pistol and a melee weapon but you can find more equipment in the field unlike other battle royale games there is no clouds shortening the playing field. Extraction which is a mode in which your only objective is to find any survivor(s) that are on the map and protect them before they are extracted; and finally there is panic which from my research appears to be a human’s v zombie’s mode where there is no AI.). The main issue with the 3 modes aforementioned is the task of finding anyone who is willing to play with you (which is very difficult to do) but there is no option of playing with AI instead of players which sadly is no option so I resorted to only playing on the 2 modes that I could go on that were available to play on as a single player.




Firstly I played on escape mode which as insinuated is a survival horror game crossed with an escape room as you objective is to escape from the map but you have to do it in small steps so you would have to find equipment to defend yourself and to know your surroundings and then you take things needed to open doors etc, however since this game is procedurally generated it isn’t guaranteed on if you can actually escape as on some maps areas where I needed to go to were blocked off completely and in some instances I couldn’t find keys that I needed even after looking through the area twice, I would imagine it could be a lot more fun with others as one can carry any tools needed to open doors etc and the others could escort them safely through the map. The other mode on offer is a flatline which is a survival mode in which you have to survive 10 waves of zombies that come at you; during the waves you get a small respite in which you can place wood barricades, buy equipment or unlock more areas to run around in.

Design wise this game is an attempt between having a more arcade like experience as you get plenty of ammo in the easier settings and plenty of different .But at the same time it also wants to be realistic as it will ration supplies (even on easier difficulties), make zombies take multiple rounds in order to kill with even taking multiple magazines in order to take down in the case of riot zombies and even limits your combat styles to using firearms in either range or as a melee weapons (if you have no ammo) or melee weapons on hand but if you have no items on hand you can’t defend yourself. Also there are no more realistic options such as having weight on characters that carry too many items/large amount ammo or if a characters avatar is fat. There is no options on firearms are they are either single/fully automatic with no option to have either mode or even a burst fire mode on relevant weapons.

Technically this game is also lacking as it isn’t compatible with modern screens with the largest specifications being 1920×1080. Other issues I have found with this game is the zombies as they can be completely ignorant at times when I am firing a fully automatic rifle just meters in front of them, but when I use a silenced pistol a few rooms away they know I am there; Also in some instances they can spawn kneeling on one knee(as seen above) or if I am upstairs they can walk up and down a few stairs while they are trying to get to me.


Overall I would recommend skipping this game unless you have friends who are willing to play with you as it really isn’t worth playing on otherwise as there is hardly anyone playing the game and is no longer updated so any issues will not be fixed.

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