Darwinia Review

Darwinia is a strategy game in which you play as a computer hacker and you have to manage various different units in order to save darwinia from a virus. Whilst this game seems to have a simple enough concept to understand as you have various units that each do their own tasks and your objectives are to free darwinia from a virus, if you are expecting a strategy game that is a comparable experience to strategy games of old think again. When I started playing this game I was expecting it to be a sci fi strategy game not dissimilar to the original Warcraft games when I started playing it but other than the strategy game genre there is very little that they share in common.

Gameplay wise I feel that this game is very frustrating as it is slow paced and monotonous to play on due to how long it takes to get anything achieved in the game, it isn’t helped that you cannot upgrade your units with better equipment/abilities at a moment’s notice because the upgrade system in this game is orientated around waiting a set amount of time so one aspect of your equipment can be upgraded, also you cannot have any buildings/assets do extra research so you are waiting around even longer. Also if you take too long to anything in this game the instructions will be repeated multiple times which is good if you are playing the game and you have to leave the computer for whatever reason but if it is because your units are unable to do their task it does get annoying especially given how the game is.

Technically the game is very basic as you can only control 1 unit at a time and you cannot control multiple units at a time as you can in other strategy games. This also affects the computer ai as it is very poorly done as any unit in the game you have you must directly control as they take orders literally, taking one example I sent a unit to go to another part of an island it decided to try going there in a straight line and because there was the ocean in its way it decided to jog on the spot, so you will have to do the journey for them step by step which is repetitive. It is also a major issue in combat as your units cannot fight for themselves and you have to do the fighting for them, it also feels like chore playing as the units in themselves have only so much use and when they die you have to respawn a unit from the nearest tower which can be a long way from where your objective is so you will have to redo the journey you did with your previous squad before taking on the enemy forces.

Sadly I cannot recommend this game as it is a really dull experience and there are better strategy games out there to play upon.

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