Demolish & Build 2018 Review

Demolish & Build 2018 is a building simulator in which you play as a builder who starts his own building company to try and build a global construction business, however this game is more of a builder simulator rather than a building company management game.

Whilst the concept of the game is particularly appealing to children and those who are interested in construction as it is sort of what it says on the tin. However it isn’t as exciting as the trailer portrays itself to be a building simulator with lots of tools, destruction and big vehicles. But I feel that the game does hype itself up as the game starts with a tutorial with the point of the mission being that you learn basic instructions, and after you finish the mission, your boss then fires you from your job and you decide start a business with a friend. After you have done the tutorial you buy some equipment and start doing odd jobs such stripping the interior of a toilet block down to the basics or removing pipes and old caravans for the local council; which you have to do these jobs multiple times (in the exact same places no less) in order to get more money which you use to buy investment properties or to buy new vehicles/tools that allow you to do the more bigger/interesting jobs. The game does also try to have goals such as buying all the investment properties to try and include a story but it is quite a simple story of getting a bigger company.

Although the game is quite clear on what it is, technically this game is quite a poor game. Firstly when I was doing tasks in general it seems receptive to what I do however on the pipe removal job on a few instances in which I sawed off the pipes in game it counted that I had done so but it didn’t drop the pipes which I think is strange, although this isn’t too much of an issue unless you are playing on hard mode as it removes worker’s sense (x-ray vision) to show you what needs to be done and where. I do also think that when using vehicles in game the vehicles are weird as the vehicles are generally wonky as I can drive around in game with cars no problem however if I decide to cross a hill my vehicle will fly and will continue as if nothing had happened however if I drive into a sign it will be detrimental to my vehicle. I also find that the ai vehicles (which will be casually driving around the roads in game) are strange as they will drive around the roads in a one way system, If I decide to block the road with a truck they will stop in their tracks (even if there is a way around the truck) and if I decide to drive into them they will go back into the road in their original track and won’t change even if you are chasing them.

However this game isn’t just a building simulator as there is a management aspect however I feel that it is lacking as whenever you buy a property it will auto manage itself most of the time, however there is a few exceptions such as a gold mine in which you have to extract ore yourself. But my main irritation with the management system is that you can pay a set fee for workers but they can only do much and they can only work on investment properties. I thought that once you hired a worker to work for you, you could then send him off to do jobs that you do (such as aforementioned toilet/council contract.) but you cannot which I was annoyed at since you have to do the jobs yourself and can’t use workers to do the mundane jobs so you can get more cash.

Overall I don’t think that for most people this game is worth spending any time or money on as it is a repetitive game with limited content on offer. Nevertheless I feel that if this game is on sale (you can get it for as low as 71p) for a child or someone with an interest in building I think that if you can get for £1 or less it is ok for that price for when it is a rainy day but I wouldn’t advocate getting this at full price.

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