Dot to Dot Puzzles Review

Dot to dot puzzles is a digital dot to dot book in which players solve dot to dot puzzles of various different images with a line based art style being used. This game is generally aimed at a more mature audience as it is a more ‘adult’ dot to dot game as it offers difficult pictures but children can play it even if they would probably struggle(without help) at some of the more complex pictures.

Whilst this is essentially a digital dot to dot book it is quite basic in its objectives and it does there is plenty of things about this game that I like about it such as the plethora of themes such as mandalas and landscapes which is cool however due to the subjects that the game is about it feels like a more grown up dot to dot game as unlike most dot to dot games there is little to no child centric images and at times this game can get difficult as some of the puzzles have over 1000 dots to connect, which when completed is quite rewarding when you see the fruits of your labour and then you get to see(and customise) what you have done with even the option of saving a picture of your work or an animated gif of your image being created(as seen above) that you can put on the internet and share with the world, complete with every custom colour you used.

However I feel that this game is visually basic as it is a line based game and I would have liked the option to fill in the lines with colours because it would look cooler and it would make the game look more modern rather than the art style which I feel is reminiscent to that of a game from 40 years ago as when I was playing it felt like I was playing a game from that time period rather than playing a game from 2018. Technically I also feel that the game doesn’t do something’s quite well as it could as I feel that it is quite fiddly at times as you have to move a lot across the screen from one section to another/zooming in and out which I feel is bad as you could get a headache from all the constant movement, plus I would have preferred it if there was no movement and you could do the puzzle on one page without any messing around just like you would on a dot to dot book. When I did some of the puzzles some of the dots do overlap and I think that the dots should be clear as I would imagine those with limited sight/children would possibly get confused with where they should be clicking.

Overall I feel that this game is worth trying since it is free after all however I wouldn’t spend a penny on buying any of the DLC for this game until you need the premium pack (which gives you the privilege to unlock the pictures that are locked behind the premium wall and a few extra colours to use.). I would also skip the rest of DLC (a star booster pack and a hint booster pack) offers no new content to the game and is merely a fast track to get access to the puzzles that are locked (which you can unlock anyway even if it is a slog to do so.) significantly quicker. Plus I also think that most people will get bored with the game after so long due to the incessant grinding and not consider playing after a few hours.

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