Farm Frenzy: Heave Ho Review

Farm Frenzy: Heave Ho is a time management game in the Farm Frenzy series in which players are placed on various areas on islands in which they are given a variety of different tasks on each level to complete against the clock. However as the title suggests this game isn’t set on a traditional farm but rather a pirate island that the main character crash lands on at the beginning of the game, and your then asked by a group of animals to assist them in farming across the islands they live on.


Whilst the game near enough the same as the others in game play in the sense that you have a menagerie of animals which are located in the centre of the field that you are playing on, and your job is to look after them by stopping predators from getting to them/their produce and ensuring that you have placed enough grass on the field that they can eat. Whilst this is a really easy game to pick up and play as it is simple enough to understand the core mechanics of how to look after animals and make resources. But the resources you get from each animal must then be made into produce (such as feather decorations or hamburgers.) each with the products own factories which creates products that can be sold which gives you money to build factories, upgrade vehicles or buy new animals for your farm.

However the further on you get on in the game the tougher the objectives become, you do also get more animals to manage and protect your animals from which can be quite demanding at times, but one thing that helps is that there is ways in which levels can be completed in a faster way but there is a way if you can figure it out, whether that is selling animals off after you don’t need a specific produce(such as meat or feathers) or creating one type of produce before another and I like how it adds a layer of sophistication to the game so it isn’t just a game of constantly clicking around the field. Another thing that must be considered in some levels is that you have to replace factories in order to produce items made by other factories, taking 1 level in particular you start off with factories used to make hamburgers but later on you have to replace them with factories used to make spaghetti.

After you complete each level based on how fast you can complete the level you get rewarded in either stars and/or coins as a reward for your efforts in game each with their own purpose. The coins are a reward for getting achievements, obtaining a gold trophy on each map, getting 3 in a row on the fruit machine or alternatively if 1000 stars are traded for one in the shop the only use for coins on an in game fruit machine that gives you power ups that help you in game such as filling the field with grass or finishing the factories current production. But in order to get anything provided you get 3 power ups(even if not all 3 are the same) you earn power ups if you get any X’s you get none, if you get more of the same power up you get a larger number of them. The stars are used to upgrade the factories, pet’s abilities and other items used in game with exception of the dog, cat and cage which their unlockable abilities are permanent; increasing the factory/vehicles ratings only gives you the privilege of upgrading the respective items in game. Also it is a bit restrictive in where you can spend as on certain levels it will state that you have to get specified factories to a certain level and if you don’t you have the stars to do so the only way you get the stars needed is to replay old levels.

In conclusion I feel that this game is fun in short doses as it does get repetitive over time. But I can only recommend this game for children and those who like casual/time management games particularly when it is on sale as it isn’t worth the full price due to the fact that after you have completed it there is nothing else to do in it, there are no extra difficulties etc to unlock. I also wouldn’t recommend this for achievement hunters as it has in game achievements but none on steam.

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