Futurelearn Review

Futurelearn is an e-learning provider that is run by the Open University and they offer a selection of different courses for general use. However there are also various courses that are designed explicitly in mind for some professions such as teaching.

Unlike other e-learning providers that exist where in order to access to any course you must pay to do so, however Futurelearn isn’t exactly 100% free since with most courses you do have to pay a set fee/subscription in order to have the privilege of printing off a certificate/accessing the course after it has been finished (for that specified period).

With Futurelearn there are 3 options of taking courses it provides. The first option is a free to access/use course for the duration it is available, however some courses may openly lock some content such as certificates/quizzes (The course’s on offer are available for a set period unless of course you pay for unlimited access to the course). The second option is (as previously mentioned) is pay for an upgrade to a course (or alternatively have an unlimited which financially works out cheaper if you plan on using Futurelearn long term.) that you enrolled on which has all the content that a course offers (that were previously behind a lock).Lastly there is some courses that are at a university level which (as expected) you must pay for that when completed equate to credits for a university course/a full degree based upon the course selected.

Selection wise I like the amount of different courses on offer each with its own provider ranging from the Open University to Humanists UK.  However large the selection of courses maybe I do think that course wise there is a lot of science and business courses and that there is a focus on those subjects whilst other subjects such as law and creative media are lacking selection wise in comparison to the aforementioned subjects. I do also like when you are looking around for courses it will give you a comprehensive guide on what each course offers, the amount of time that you need to dedicate to finishing the course and any course requirements. When searching through the courses I didn’t like how you cannot hide courses that you have previously done as I don’t want to go through a comprehensive list of courses when finding a new course to do.

When accessing courses you are given a page with a section of content, as expected each course does differ in mediums of how they are delivered for example one course will tend to have a mixture of video/text and images whilst another course is based around articles/text. At the end of piece of content you are openly encourage to write in the comments your opinion related to a question about the content that you have just been shown/debate others about their opinions.

Overall I would recommend Futurelearn to anyone who has an interest in learning as there is plenty of free to use courses on offer in a variety of different skills/topics as well as the option of studying full degrees online.

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