Game Dev Tycoon Review

Game Dev Tycoon is a Tycoon game that is based around running your own game development company starting from starting alone as a lone developer in your garage in a period that is highly reminiscent of the 1980’s through to the modern day with various technology and offices to represent each generation that arrives with plenty of references to historical events in the industry at time such as companies coming and going or new technological advances that have arrived.



Whilst this seems like a good concept for a tycoon game as it is a easy enough concept to design around as well as there haven’t been any that are based around game development and sadly this game isn’t as great as to what it could have been potentially. I feel that this game does lack a lot in the design of this game as there are a lot of issues with the design whether it is intentional or not I feel that the game is lacking in various aspects.




As a business simulation I feel that when it comes to managing your standard resources there is plenty I don’t like. Financially there is a restriction when it comes to taking a loan out as you are only allowed to take out loans when the game dictates to you that you need the loans financially (as in you’re in the red financially) this is limiting in some instances as you cannot have a loan say to develop a new engine which would make your games more successful but for some strange reason you can spend as much as you want on game development until you are instructed to take a loan, also if you wind up taking on a loan you aren’t allowed to pay back the loan early if you wanted to in any form. When it comes to physical resources I don’t like how it is only 1 studio you own and that you cannot own more than one, which later on would have been beneficial as I could have a few different studios making different games, I also would have liked the ability to buy out studios that have failed so I could use their entities or to manage them under my control. I also feel that human resources is another subject that is lacking as you cannot have more than one person working on one aspect on a game as when you get larger teams in your development studio it would be beneficial if you could get them into teams of 2 to help speed up development and reduce workloads.

But when it comes to actually making the games that your company sells I have mixed feelings about this game when you are starting a game I like how in the menus for selecting the console to develop on it will show a picture same with development as it will show you a picture representing what topic your game is about, as it makes it visually more appealing and more accessible to those who want to learn another language or are unable to read. Another feature I like is the management of resources as rather than just letting the game decide how you want your game to be produced you decide on if it is biased towards graphics, game play and other factors.  When it comes to consoles though one thing that bugs me is how the game doesn’t allow you to develop a game for a console that isn’t yet available for release to the public as I would have liked the opportunity to have had a game on release for a console on release day as it could be a disaster or a great success if you have one of the few games that are available on a console the day it is released. I think that console manufacturers should be able to make a binding contract in game that provides you with a contract that provides with a financial bonus but only if you develop games exclusively on their platforms or even one of your game series for 1 generation as either an added challenge or for financial rewards.


Overall I don’t recommend this game as it is lacking in content and I feel it isn’t worth getting generally speaking, but if it is on sale for £2 or less it may be worth a look at especially if it gets updated and is improved upon.

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