Ampu-tea Review

Ampu-tea is a tea making simulator in which the player uses a robotic arm (hence the games pun on words title.) the keyboard/mouse to control the hand/fingers in a similar fashion seen in surgeon simulator and games with similar control schemes. Unlike surgeon simulator which has plenty of content and scenarios in which you can play on there is only 1 scenario and the scenario provided is very basic (this being making a cup of tea in a kitchen.) there is no other content available to earn in the game (such as unlocking different arms, kitchens etc) after you complete the game. I think that the lack of any other content is a shame as surgeon simulator(which is the main inspiration of this game.) has different scenarios and modes such as performing different operations and even completing operations in space and this game could have used similar content in game to boost the game lifespan and even make the game better.

Whilst I personally didn’t think that the game as a whole is particularly fun due to how the game was created and the state in which it was released. However whilst I did enjoy the game for a short period of time I feel that the novelty wears off very quickly for various reasons such as the fact that you have a robotic arm rather than a human hand in a modern kitchen and the limited amount of objectives with little to no extra point/challenge of doing so.I also think that this game was probably made for a quick cash in or even as a school project as the game is very basic with a shallow amount of content on offer with little inspiration/effort going into the creation of the game. This game in itself is very short (achievement wise) and can be completed within 1 or 2 hours however to get the final achievement (which involves loading the game 500 times.) it will take you 6.7 hours overall to complete the game. Generally as a result of the aforementioned factors I feel that this game is something for people to mess about on/create videos for YouTube.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying this game at all even at the sale price because there are better games available at this time within the awkward controls games genre such as surgeon simulator, also this game is usually £4 and at this price there is games that are less than that which are of better quality. The only time you should even think about playing this game is if the game is made free to play or alternatively someone on your steam friends list gifts you this game.

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