Gynophobia Review

Gynophobia is a horror based first person shooter created with unity game engine that as guessed covers the titular phobia.

Although the game does feature gynophobia as a main subject matter I think that it is a poor title for the game. Simply because it isn’t strictly about gynophobia as this is proven in moments when you are on the main menu(as featured above.) there is a spider that freely runs around the screen so not only do you have to face female zombies you have to struggle against spiders and a black widow hybrid.

With regards to the game itself the plot of gynophobia really is poor as the game itself appears to have a non existant plot/story(if you want to call it a story) that makes no sense as whilst from the narrative I understand that you have gynophobia but why do you start off in a flat with no backstory with little clue as to what is going on and why, then you have to find out what to do with no hints on what you should do before starting one of the games actual levels which is either playing a zombie game on a computer or a dream sequence which neither make any sense as to why they are in the game and it feels like the developer had just decided to add them in because he likes them. However what I think is strange is that after you have completed the final level of the game you wake up and then for no reason whatsoever you are magically cured of your fears as you aren’t scared by a black tarantula that was freely roaming the flat and then a young lady rings the flat bell for you which you can also open with no problem.

The gameplay for this is also atrocious since the game itself is a hodgepodge of concept ideas that make no sense in the context of the game as when you start the game it is starts off in someones flat (which is unexplained why your there) and you are locked within the flat with no reason why/way to get out but you have to figure out what to do next before entering the games other levels in exactly the same way as seen in silent hill 4, but unlike silent hill 4 there is no real sense of a functioning story and structure of the game.  Aesthetically the game itself isn’t particularly pleasing as it has mid 2000’s graphics but it also is a pick and mix as the apartment your in is modern aesthetically however through out the area there is plenty of middle aged paintings littered on the walls even in what I presume is a teenagers bedroom with posters for games on the other side of the room. The game level structure is strange and uninspiring as previously stated you have to find out what to do in the flat in order to get to the next level but in the first level you are in start off in sewers fighting through hordes of zombies before running around a city centre getting chased by hordes in the city centre and a giant bulletproof zombie while trying to find parts to rebuild a van in order to escape. But after that you drink tea that makes you go to sleep and during your sleep you are in a cave destroying spider eggs whilst getting attacked by zombies and spiders which isn’t really something I expected to see as there was no real reason why you go there.

Frankly I would avoid this game like the plague since it is a cheap game that is really unsure of what game it actually wants to be and it feels like a partially complete school project rather than a game.

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