Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles Review

Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles is a port of a jigsaw game that is Orientated around completing Christmas mosaics. The game was originally available on the app store, although it has since been ported to various other digital platforms such as steam (which is the version I have played on and the review will be based upon.)

Content wise with regards to the port (at least on the steam version) there is no new additions to the game and this is a letdown as there is actually in game achievements that could have been put into the steam store which seems to be little to trouble to add, however the only changes to the game made have been in the removal of micro transactions as on the appstore version you have the option to pay for coins earned in which you use to buy hints or the right to skip to the later worlds which I welcome as you have to pay for the game on steam. Technically however there are no changes between the 2 versions as far as I can find out.

With the title of the game insinuating that it was heavily orientated about Christmas mosaic puzzles however the images in question aren’t mosaics but rather photographs which if you are expecting mosaics(as insinuated in the games title) you will be disappointed.  Also I have noticed that the images in this game don’t hide the cracks in the image very well as I was completing puzzles and whilst in some instances there is no cracks in the image on a good amount of the levels I could see visible cracks in the image and I wasn’t expecting the image when pieces were put together to display cracks. But even if the images aren’t the best quality I feel that this is a somewhat christmassy game with decent cartoon like art in the background and christmas style soundtrack when I was playing even if the soundtrack was limited in selection to 4 songs.

For anyone looking at this game thinking that they have seen something familiar this game plays exactly the same as Alice’s patchwork (read my review for it here). For anyone not familiar the game play goes as this you get a selection of 5 different jigsaw pieces and your objective is to complete the images in the allocated time without making a mistake. The game play is great for a jigsaw game as you can put pieces into the puzzle with no trouble in placing them or deciding which piece I would like to put in. This is a gentle game that isn’t very hard but as expected the difficulty does go up the further you get on but some of the level requirements maybe a bit difficult as in order to get points you have to complete the objectives for each puzzle and for some audiences they would struggle with some of the levels on the main game and but there is free play levels that have a laid back approach which I like the addition of as it provides a more gentle mode to the game while leaving a harder version available. The visual layout for this game is also very much the same to Alice’s patchworks even down the menus.

Overall I would generally avoid the game as it is a copied and pasted port of a free to play game with no changes made and I don’t think too much of the game as it is short and poor quality also there is no unlockable in the game as after you have completed all the levels available you have seen everything that is on offer.

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