Infectonator: Survivors Review

Infectonator: Survivors is a zombie game in which you are in charge of a band of survivors and your objective is to find fuel and repair a car that is located in your base; During the day your survivors are working hard in growing crops or building upgrades and at night time you go out and look for essential items/resources. The main uniqueness about this game is that the game doesn’t belong to one particular genre but instead is a combination of cherry picked aspects of various game design genres such as real-time strategy and rogue like; which surprisingly works well together.

Even though this game is a pick and mix of different game genres I like the mix of it as there are different offerings of the game styles biased upon which aspect of the game you are playing on. Firstly you have a RPG style game which is constantly featured throughout the game whether it being what style your character is and perks that they have (such as being a fast researcher but not very strong or a ‘warrior’ style build who is strong and can fight in close quarters but cannot do much in regards to running away from enemies). You also have an RTS style game which is featured during most of the game such as ensuring your survivors are in safe positions during missions, managing the resources in the base with decisions on what you prioritise on researching or building in your base, although the management aspects in the game are limited one thing I don’t like is how you aren’t able to recycle any unused equipment as later on you get a lot of spare items/weapons that are of no interest and you cannot do anything with them. When it comes to doing the missions at nighttime it turns into a tower defence style game particularly when you are scouting a location as it plays exactly like a tower defence game and you have to place your survivors in locations so that they are safe and in positions in which zombies won’t be let through; there is also tower defense mechanics also mixed in for when you are on missions at night as you have to place your survivors in covering positions when zombie/zombie waves come at you when you are scavenging a building as you can decide on whether you camp in a office or have stand your ground in a corridor. However this game isn’t easy as it does have RNG/rogue like features that make the game much harder as this game randomises everything from what items are dropped when scavenging and when/how survivors are found and even which one you get. But it doesn’t end there because nothing in this game is truly lasting as supplies are scarce and if not used properly/efficiently it will end your game. It also affects your survivors which are even harder to obtain and if you lose a survivor you don’t get them back, even worse if you lose all your survivors you start from scratch on a new save.


Although I can praise the game’s design mechanics for having a good combination of different genres that fits well together I must admit to its imperfections and I feel that some of mechanics in the game are bad and make the game seamy. Mostly this is due to the game being a point and click game which in game play terms translates to you repetitively clicking over and over again in order to get to a location. This is bad as the game will drag on sometimes and this is very noticeable in particular in the exploration missions where it is constant clicking to navigate around the map. To counter the repetitive nature of these missions my methodology of completing the exploration missions was to run around the perimeter/centre(biased on if zombies came near me or not.) and then scavenge everything whenever I saw it, then go to the other part of the map I didn’t explore to ensure everything has been scavenged and once I have managed to get everything I can then head out.

Another thing that did annoy me is that once you have decided your roster for the evening’s missions you cannot change the order of the survivors in the team roster after it has been finalized at the start of the day which doesn’t seem too much of an annoyance but I feel that when you are using the shortcut to select all survivors and the default is the first person and you can’t change that I especially noticed this when I switched from scout levels to exploration levels as each survivor has its own perks and if you are accustomed to picking the first survivor as it has one perk/skill level you need and then you need another survivor who is further on in the list. But what I did was (once I had enough survivors) have 1 squad that was devoted to scouting and another that did explorations which is the main tactic that should be used as during the day one squad can research items or produce items needed such as food or necessary upgrades.

Even if this game may have had some decent design and effort put into that aspect of the game. Technically this game does feel like a smartphone/tablet game as it is a game that is low in data requirement(it is only 176MB) mainly because the game is graphically simple and it isn’t very big in content and this game isn’t something you would want to play for hours on end but it is instead something you can pick up and play for short periods, but the smartphone game experience doesn’t end there as the game does feature the ‘tap to start battle button’ which is very fitting for a phone/tablet game rather than a pc game.

Overall I can only recommend this game on sale due its repetitive nature as after so long it does become a chore rather than an enjoyment to play on, but by no means is it a bad game to play on.

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