Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 Review

Disclaimer: I obtained this game for free during a giveaway in the lockdown however I don’t do biased reviews.


Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 is a rerelease of a 2003 platform game that was originally released for the PC and 6th generation consoles, granted this is a bit of an obscure game as it was made in Poland and unsurprisingly was very popular there. Now it has also found its way onto steam which for many will be good news particularly those who want to play games such as this which runs well on steam but the original version may not work on their pc.


While graphically the art for this game is cartoony and looks quite childlike so my first expectations for this game was that it would be very childlike and be simple to play on with my first impressions being  that this game would be suitable for anyone under the age of 6. Surprisingly the content in this game is actually not that childish whilst it is a game that does look like a children’s cartoon however it isn’t very basic nor does it mollycoddle you too much compared to a children’s game (even if children is the main target audience for this game) which is good if you want a child friendly game that is good for adults to play on. However I feel that the game does lack in some aspects when it comes to accessibility as when it comes to the mechanics of this game I feel that it is lacking on explaining some mechanics, yet when it comes to throwing items the game will give you a tutorial which is clear and easily understood, because of the lack of tutorials I did end up struggling in some parts of the game before googling what to do.


But content wise this game is a 3d platform game in a similar style to your average 90’s platform games such as spyro with a variety of different levels (which are a predominately free roam environment.) in which your goal can vary from collecting all the objects present on each level (which is a commonly given objective for most levels) or even taking on an boss.  For the most part on the levels I did often find myself going back to areas I had been to from time to time to retrieve coins as it is sometimes quite easy to miss them either by not looking hard enough or missing them entirely. Taking one level in particular I was going down a stream in a barrel and I missed a coin so I had to retrace my steps and jump into the barrel (which for whatever reason had returned to its original place.). Also I feel that this game is best played with a controller as you do have to move the cameras around with the arrow keys whilst you use wsad controls (assuming you use default controls.) but if you use a controller you use the analogue sticks to move around which I felt was a better experience when playing this game.


Although I liked this game I feel that it is quite short as it is a story based game that can be completed in under a few hours, however I feel that there could have been much more provided such as harder difficulty modes, or even speed racing a level with/against an opponent on local multiplayer. Sadly however after you have completed the game you have seen/done everything that this game has to offer.


Overall I can recommend this game if you are looking for a 2000’s era platform game that anyone can enjoy provided you don’t mind the 2000’s era graphics. I also think for what you pay for the game it isn’t that much even at its normal price of £1.69 although it is on sale occasionally and even given away for free in some instances.

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