Kings Guard TD Review

Disclaimer: I got this game for free from a friend on steam but I don’t do biased reviews.

Kings Guard TD is a tower defence game with a generic medieval/fantasy theme. This game which according to the steam description offers a plot about a kingdom in danger it doesn’t offer any particularly gripping plot and even though you do get the occasional conversation between characters, this game is mostly orientated around gameplay.

Since the game is based around the gameplay you would expect the gameplay to be very good. However it isn’t the case as the tower defence aspects to the game are as simplistic as it is uninspiring with no inventive/new mechanics or twists to make this game unique compared to the other tower defence games that you could be playing on.  Basically the game is placing 6 different towers all of which are your standard tower defence towers such as a basic tower that only targets 1 and a multiple target version of the basic tower through to towers which provide little damage to the enemy. There is also 2 different type of enemy classes(ground and air based units) as well as a few different styles of enemies such as being able to move fast or having a high amount of health, complete with a variety of different skins such as leprechauns, bats and dragons.

The main point of this game is to essentially protect a castle against wave after wave of different enemies, but one thing that will stop you from progressing is that you aren’t told ahead of time what enemies will be thrown at you. As a result of this my main strategy in the game was seeing how many towers (and where) I am able to place on the current level and then either place multitarget towers (on the earlier levels) or if I’m on a later level I split the towers between the map with half of the map having a cannon for use against ground based units and a ballista for any air based units, I also place the towers so that all units can be dealt with at any time; then after all the towers are built I pick on 1 tower of each type that is near the castle and fixate my resources to get the tower upgraded to the highest level possible biased on money I have earned in game. I did also find that the game’s shop which sells in game items for gems obtain did help me in some way in completing the game faster however in order to get the top abilities you have to grind for hours to get them, sure you get abilities for completing levels but often they are poor quality.


Technically this game is quite poor in quality in a variety of areas both in game play and design. Firstly I was quite appalled by how poor the user interface is as it is basic and it isn’t completely finished as there is no mention of how many units in the wave that is coming which is a huge flaw as if you have no idea as which enemies are in that wave you either replay the level to prepare accordingly or spend it 50/50 on each enemy type and hope for the best; there is also one major flaw in the interface when preparing to start the level as there is a start button located at the upper centre of the screen and if you click even the slightest bit of the image and the game will start intentional or not. I found this annoying as I have found myself on various instances whilst preparing to start the level accidentally starting the level as I wanted to place a tower in a position but yet when I try to place it because the slightest bit of the mouse touched start it started the game. Sadly there is no way around accidental misclicks as there is no way to rotate the camera sure you can move it around physically but there is no way to rotate the camera. Also sometimes things don’t actually work in game as in a few instances I found out that some my towers decided to stop working, but to the only thing you can do in that instance is sell the tower and build a new one.


In the end I feel that this game is of poor quality and it isn’t worth spending any amount of money on. If you get this game for free or part of a bundle then it maybe worth playing on during a rainy day or for card farming but outside of the aforementioned purposes this game should be avoided.

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