Les Misérables: Cosette’s Fate Review

Les Misérables: Cosette’s Fate is a hidden object/point and click style game that is based around the novel Les Misérables particularly the story through Cosette’s part in the story starting with her and the   time she spent with the Thénardiers through to the end(ish) of the novel.

For a hidden object game I feel that it does the job quite well as there is a selection of different and at times difficult puzzles as you have to find a set amount of items on the bottom of the screen which you have to find. But on this game I like how some of the items you have to find a way to make them taking one instance as an example you have to get pieces of an apple and you have to find a way to chop the apple on the scene to get the apple pieces which is clever, but sometimes there is pluralism issues as in one instance you are asked to find an (cutlery) knife and there is 2 knives to choose from. Although I do feel that there is plenty of back tracking as you cannot play scenes in one go you do a scene for one level then when you complete it you receive and item that is used such as a key or an item used in order to obtain key, then later on you may have to go back to the same area to find another item that is needed. But a few things I don’t like is how buggy this game is as if you fail to complete a puzzle and you shut the game down (or alternatively click on the book on the right hand side which takes you to the menu without any hint of what the book icon is for) you will be stuck on that screen forever unless of course you start from scratch which for many will be an annoyance, in mini games that are present in the game there is little to no hints on what to do or how to solve complete them and there is a bar that acts as a timer but if the bar goes green at the end of the bar nothing happens. Also the hints sometimes aren’t that helpful as it will only circle one item and if an item is hidden by cover it will tell you to move the cover and then you have the area to see it but you won’t be shown where the item is. I also like the point and click aspect of the game as you get to explore areas such as the Inn and surrounding buildings which are of interest as you can look around them and the artwork for this game is quite good and the environments themselves are eventful as when I was the kitchen at the Inn you can see a rat that scurries around the floor which I liked as it provided some more colour into the environment instead of it being a static lifeless background.


For the story the game is based upon this game does take various liberties with the story and takes various changes such as the events that happened at the Thénardiers inn and when she first meets Jean Valjean and what happens during the first part of the game (amongst the plethora of other changes to the story of the game in comparison to the novel.). But one thing I do like is how there is slides that explain what has happened during the story which I appreciated as I think that unlike some story based games this game does provide slides in which it explains the transition between what is happening to the story during the route to the next level, I liked it but I felt that it was dull as it is in black and white and is reminiscent of older films, with no images to accompany the transition as I feel that it is a bit dull comparing it to other story base games explicitly the older Harry Potter games(Philosophers Stone being a great example) which provided images and a voiceover explaining what was happening.  One thing about the representation of the story given by the games I don’t like is that this game expects you to have seen the musical/read the novel as it gives spoilers to the ending mid way through the game which is disappointing as it could have been avoided, this game sadly also ends inconclusively which I felt was a letdown as it ends but it doesn’t say what happens to Cosette and Marius and gives a blunt version of what happens to John Valjean. But I do like the facts given about the Les Misérables story or the author(Victor Hugo) is provided in the game when you click on the butterflies that are located in the environment as you can click on them and it will provide a short fact about Les Misérables or Victor Hugo.

In short I feel that this game isn’t worth buying as it is short and can be completed in 2 hours (give or take.), it is buggy at times and sadly once you have played through the game once you have seen/done everything as there is no new difficulty modes or extra items to unlock in the game. However if this game is given away or even if the game is on sale (it is occasionally on sale on steam for 39p) or obtained as part of a bundle I feel that it might be worth spending a rainy afternoon on it but I don’t think it is particularly brilliant or bad it is a decent enough game, but I feel that if you have read the novel or seen the musical it is based on you will probably get much more than I did from this game.

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