Lexica Review

Lexica is a digital puzzle book that provides players with word based puzzles that combine the mechanics of a crossword and word based games in particular scrabble. The way the game works is that players are provided with a selection of letters that must go on one line on a 6×6 grid (moved either to the left or right of each line on the grid.) with a pre determined amount of spaces to put letters on it and your goal is make the words that fit in the grid with the letters that are provided.

On paper the concept of the game seems simple as it is just drag tiles in order to make words on a grid but I think that it can be a difficult game to play because you have to understand the English language in order to play the game well and if you don’t have a strong grasp of the English language there is no point in playing the game because most likely instead of playing the game and going through the puzzles you would most likely end up looking for solutions online. Whilst this game can be completed via searching for the solutions online (which nulls the reason to play the game.) I think that this game will be very difficult some people particularly children and those who don’t have a strong grasp of the English language, because whilst the game does have easier levels at the start (for the easy pack anyway) and over time the difficulty does ramp up the further you get in the game because it uses obscure words in the later parts of the game as its difficulty and in the later levels I did find some words that I haven’t ever used and I ended up looking the words up to see what they meant as the game doesn’t tell you what each word in the puzzle you did means. There is also no assistance on offer in the game such as providing you with hints or putting a word in at the start to help if you need it. But I do think that the game does have a decent selection of puzzles with 288 puzzles on offer, but after you have completed them there is no extra content available and I feel that there could have been more content on offer even if it was just timed challenges as after I had completed the levels provided I stopped playing as there was nothing new to do in the game and the game will not allow you to access puzzles you have already completed unless you delete all the files for the game in your computer and start from scratch.

Technically however this game is very basic visually and musically as the graphics/audio featured in the game although it is ok it isn’t too memorable or noteworthy as I think most of the efforts of the developers went into the game play and puzzles rather than the visual/audio design. One thing on a technical level that does bother me about this game is the optimisation of the game as it is only available in a small screen and it cannot be changed to a full screen sire you can enlarge it up to 2 times but for a game that was made in 2014 this is not acceptable as even games that were made in the 30+ years ago can go in full screen on a standard monitor. It also makes the game feel like a mobile port as this game isn’t optimised for computer screens but rather a screen for much lower size.

Overall I cannot recommend this game because it is very short and can be completed in as short a few hours. Also what is on offer is very basic and isn’t really for everyone due to the lack of accessibility for some individuals and there is better options out there.

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