Luftrausers Review

Luftrausers is an arcade style game not dissimilar to asteroids but instead of being stuck in outer space against various asteroids instead you play as a luftrauser pilot in an alternate version of ww2 and you are to fend off against enemy planes, boats and even blimps.

Whilst the game seems simple and easy as it is very easy to pick up/play and the retro pixel graphics that make the game look like it was made in the 1980’s. But it really isn’t that easy to play upon as it isn’t a dog fighting game as much as it is rather a very fast paced bullet hell game in which the longer you can survive the more enemies appear on the screen and the more advanced units will be after you. In order to last the later rounds it is very tricky as you will have to make awkward manoeuvres to dodge as many projectiles thrown at you as possible, although you do get regenerative health provided you aren’t using your weapon at any time, but you will have to balance the need to fend off the enemy versus your need to regenerate.

This game also is quite clever in its game design as unlike asteroids in which you are given one vehicle and you have to love/loathe what you have. However in luftrausers you get the choice of unlocking extra parts for your luftrauser after completing various missions which in turn unlock a wide variety of different attachments that change the function of that specific part each with its own pros and cons and its own aesthetic look. Firstly you have the weapons which can be changed whilst the starting weapon is a machine gun you can change it to a different weapon such as a laser which has only fires in a straight line on the screen much like a real laser but it will make your turning slower or you could have a missiles which is more damaging but it is much slower to use, secondly you can change the vehicle body from its base version which is an all around base with basic performance to a swordfish like body that can pierce any plane on impact that goes through it (whilst taking no damage from doing it) but it is quite weak to anything else. Lastly you can customise the engine from a basic performance engine to make it into an engine that is super fast but rubbish at turning or even an engine that can go underwater.

The customisation doesn’t stop there as the way you have built your vehicle has an impact on what the soundtrack you play on is as for each different item it has its own effects on the music that is being played while you play as that specific luftrauser. The individual item within the part class its own affect on the soundtrack (such as making the instrument faster or slower etc.) the effects made are this: whatever weapon is chosen it has its own affect on the drums, body of the luftrauser will change the lead guitar and finally the engine will change the bass guitars. Whilst it may seem small there are over 100 different combinations that can be made within the games soundtrack.

Overall I can give this game a glowing recommendation as it is a quick, fast paced arcade style game that whilst it isn’t the type of game that you would play for hours on end it is good fun in short bursts, especially if you are into arcade/bullet hell style games.

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