Mahjong Magic Journey 2 Review

Mahjong Magic Journey 2 is a sequel to mahjong magic journey which is a mahjong game that uses a fantasy theme as its main selling point. Whilst this game can be bought on steam and other gaming websites it is actually a port of a ‘free to play’ ipad game but some versions do have extras with them in particular the steam version (which is the version I am basing my review upon) which the only difference is that the option to purchase power ups with actual money has been removed but from what I have gathered it is the same game other than the aforementioned change. I also think that it is a lazy port as the prequel game has the in game achievements as steam achievements and even the addition of steam trading cards; sadly this game not having such additions is a shame as it would help it look less of a copy/paste port.

The concept of the game itself is simple and very easy to get into playing as if you know what you are doing as it essentially matching 2 of the same picture style but in a mahjong format, however I feel that the tutorial could be considered as hand holding the player too much as for someone who has previously played a mahjong game or even the prequel game it will let you do only what the game tells you to do and you have to make the same moves as the tutorial and if you try to pair another match it will not allow you to do so. I also dislike that you have to do the tutorial and there is no option to skip the tutorial or turn off hints even if you know what you’re doing and you want to just get stuck into the game.

But as simple as it is get into the game itself isn’t as straight forward as the concept on paper seems because your objective isn’t to clear the board in its entirety your objective is to match all of the golden tiles on the board in as little moves possible and the further you go in the game the more complex the levels are laid out whether that be the multilayered level layout(usually the levels are like this and they have a few different gold tiles on each layer.) or not having the right tiles on play. Then after you have done so you have to earn 3 stars in each level and you do this by getting the levels done by making a limited number of moves, obtaining all of the golden tiles and by earning enough gold coins in each level as expected it is different for each level. But this game is a luck based game in a sense as you are dependent on the game providing you with moves and if you have a set that provides you with no moves you must use the reshuffle button, which whilst it has it uses in getting you out of tricky scenarios I don’t like that the game makes you use it so much in order to achieve level requirements and this isn’t just limited to when you run out of moves either. I found that on some levels it may possibly take multiple attempts to complete and that is before you bring up achieving 3 stars on every level, but if you plan on doing so it is a challenge.

The game itself I think is quite decent for the content provided at least on a technical level as well as visual/audio content of the game. Graphically I like the cartoon like art style as it fits the game well and is drawn to a good standard, although a good amount of the art is copied from the previous game. However I dislike how it strays from its theme at times because because I found some levels are set to assorted items such as hourglasses and I thought why is this put in the game especially in a forest level. But I think that the audio for the game is repetitive even if the tracks provided in the game are calm and relaxing to listen to, I feel that because there are only a few different tracks and sound effects in the game it does get annoying after so long you end up turning off the sound. But I think it will disappoint some as there is no story even if the game (on steam’s description) offers a story about travelling through a fantasy kingdom(and other locations) taking this directly from the steam store description (as seen above.) there was no mention of any story about travelling through fantasy locations all I did see was different creatures on the level selection page(copied from the previous game) unless the level hasn’t been unlocked and they are behind bars but there is nothing about a story or even a slight reference to any simple story when it gloats about having a story concept on the description. So if you are expecting a fantasy based puzzle games with a story look elsewhere as this is just a selection of mahjong levels nothing more nothing less.

Overall though I will admit that it is a fun game to play on if you are looking for an expansion pack for the prequel game it is ok in that sense. However I don’t recommend paying any amount of money for this game even if you like puzzle/mahjong games because paying any amount of cash is too much for a direct port of a free to play ipad game which can be played for free, also I think that it is too similar to the original game with no new extra game mechanics/content to separate it from its prequel, nor does it have any content that would help it look more appealing such as steam achievements/trading cards(at least for the steam version).

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