Masked Shooter 2 Review

Disclosure:I was given the game by a steam friend rather than the developer however I don’t do biased reviews.

Masked Shooters 2 Is a unity created FPS game in which you can play against other players/computer ai in a deathmatch/team deathmatch arena.


It is to be noted that although the trailer for the game advertises the game as an action packed game what the advert doesn’t mention is that the game footage is purely against AI since when you actually play online there is mostly AI playing rather than people. Whilst it maybe possible to find someone the last time I looked there were 4 servers with 3 ‘people’ on each server (excluding myself of course) and a majority of the players who are ‘in game’ was AI. However it doesn’t help people playing whilst not logged into steam/other platforms are provided with the name shooter with a random number assigned.

The game itself is quite easy since you automatically spawn with 9 different weapons all being the average weapons found on most other FPS games so you have the means to defend yourself from the start, although the ballistic knife in game isn’t ballistic and instead operates as your average knife. The AI in the game is very daft as they can run around the map even though when I camped in a watchtower they didn’t realise that I’m there even though I shoot them multiple times, also on team deathmatch if your being attacked your own team mates don’t do much and often decide to go off on their own.

The map selections are basic as there are 3 maps 2 of which are modern military compounds with some variation between the 2 although they are very similar as it is the same assets on both maps and the main differences being where the assets are placed on the map and where the best camping spots are. The last map is a roman coliseum which is a massive open arena with individual spawn areas and a portal into another arena choice wise I think the coliseum is strange since it is supposed to be a modern war game rather than a historical game.

Thankfully the game isn’t too long as the game length per round is 8 minutes however if your objective is to complete all the steam achievements it takes a few hours to do as most of them are grind based however after you done this there isn’t much content available on offer to entice you to keep playing.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend buying the game under any context as there are better games available. The only time I would recommend playing the game is if someone gifts you the game and that is to farm the cards.

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