Moto GP 13 Review

Moto GP 13 is a motorcycle simulation game about the 2013 season of Moto GP. Whilst this game is nearly a decade old you might think that it is outdated and obsolete for a simulation but I feel that this game is neither a pure simulation nor is it a strict arcade like experience. Whilst this game does offer 2 different aspects of design I will discuss both of them as if you are buying it for either an arcade or a simulation game there is a few different things to consider.

As an arcade game I think that it is a good experience as it offers a simple experience with the option to have an instant race (in instant mode) which places you with a random driver/track and you race against other on the track which if you want a straight up experience but there is also other modes (grand prix and championship) which do provide you with some level of control if you wanted to practice on a specific track. There is also the option of playing with a friend on split screen (online is no more although this is to be expected for a sports game that was out in 2013) provided you have a controller. Although one thing I will say about this game is the control system is a bit complex so you will need to look at the key bindings because I went into the game thinking it was similar controls to other driving games but when I pressed the arrow key up it doesn’t accelerate but rather move your driver forward, I also think that it is a console port and is better played with a controller rather than a keyboard.



However if you are after a simulation I feel that it is somewhat realistic because it offers a somewhat realistic experience with .But it isn’t realistic or in depth as it more of a bike riding simulation rather than having any heavy management aspects to the game and this is noticeable when it comes to some things as it offers little in the limelight of choice and customisation which is limited but it is affecting various mechanics in the game which could be more realistic. Take your bike for example you have no method of customising any part of it whatsoever aesthetically which is a bit dull as when I started playing this game I started to hope that there would be huge customisation for it such as colours of your bike, which parts you could have installed onto your bike (and how they affect your bike such as speeds, weight and more)  as you can on other simulation games; but sadly you have no say on how your bike looks although you can decide how to focus parts of your bike such as speed etc it isn’t very in depth. I also think that it doesn’t take drivers into as you can actually create a custom bike rider, but it isn’t very good as all you get to customise it is how your driver looks aesthetically and which mug shot of someone you get to use, there is no way to customise your biker such as height or weight which would have been nice even on a aesthetic level. But I do like how there is some neat aspects to the simulation aspect one of the main aspects that I think is unique is the computer as you can look at emails sent to you by managers and even your own social media page you can monitor that showers you with praise and all the people (in the in game universe) will post messages about your performance and how much they like you which is neat but it has sadly it has no effect in game.


Technically I also feel the game is quite basic and has graphics that were basic even by 2013 standards. Whilst technically the game works and does have some neat options such as  plethora of options for the camera as you can view the game in 3rd person, on a camera view (either on the helmet or on the bike) and even having a camera effect which is like you are wearing a crash helmet. But I also feel that it does have some strange aspects to it as if you come off your bike for any reason other riders will ride through you as if you’re not there which I thought was quite bizarre, especially as I managed to come off my bike quite a lot due to going on the grass or accelerating too much/not enough.

Fundamentally one thing I will say is that it does provide an experience that is authentic to the brand it is about as it tries to be as real as possible and has commentary done by actual Moto GP commentators, the amount of drivers you have to choose from which are in the real world is quite neat especially if you have the expansion packs on offer which adds more content namely more bikers and tracks.

In short I can only recommend this game if it is on sale (the base game can be bought for 70p on steam if you wait although the dlc isn’t necessary but adds some extra content) because it is a predominately single player game although you can get local multiplayer there is only a limited content on offer and this is a game either you love or loathe, I also imagine that if you are a Moto GP fan you will get more from it especially if you want to specifically play the 2013 season.

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