Nation Red Review

Nation red is a top down twin stick arcade style shooter in which you are placed in an open (yet claustrophobic) arena and you have to fend off against never ending waves of incoming zombies with a selection of different weapons to find and perks to unlock after scoring enough points to earn a level.

Gameplay wise it is a very simple game to pick up as the controls are very easy to understand and the main core of it is to survive by running around the map to dodge zombies/pick up power ups, taking down as many zombies as you can and choosing perks each time you level up. But it does have a more difficult side to it as you can alter the difficulties to make it easier/harder which affects the amount of zombies that are sent out on each horde and how rugged they are and on tougher difficulties this especially noticeable on later waves; there is also tactical planning as you have to figure out your play style based on perks selected in the moment (you get a choice of 5 different perks to choose from each time you level up) and what weapons to use at each time based on what is available for you to use, playing with a friend can also make things a lot easier if you can get anyone who is willing to play with you as online mode more often than not doesn’t have anyone you can play with.

However the style of the game varies as you have 4 different modes to play on. Firstly you have free style which is a mode in which you are in a level and your objective is to survive for as long as you can and defeat as many as you can but you do get to use perks which will assist you. Secondly there is barricade in which you do have to protect and you cannot allow a single zombie to cross it, but you do get a couple of sentry turrets and some barricades which can slow down the zombies when they come at you; I particularly liked this mode as it was addictive particularly trying to beat previous records and climbing up the leaderboards, however it is hard playing this mode alone especially on later waves. Then there is survival mode which is a harder version of free style mode the only difference is that there is no perks and you can only rely on what weapons you are carrying, your reactions and skills. Lastly there is the mission mode which is a mode that acts a story mode(without a story) and you get a simple intro cutscene of zombies swarming a place(such as the asylum or warehouses) which you can see above and generally you have to defeat a pre determined amount of zombies in order to succeed; but it isn’t always the case as some missions do offer different objectives even if it isn’t always so clear taking one mission as an example it says that you have to take a boss on if you defeat the boss but if you do that first it won’t end the mission as you still have to fulfil the (unspecified) quota which I think is bad as if your mission is to defeat the boss and you do so the round should end. Nevertheless even if the game offers a small amount of content the game modes present are very addictive by its repetition, but at the same time it is a game that is designed to be played in short bursts although games can last from a few minutes to a few hours depending on if you can last that long.


In the end I can recommend this game if it is on sale and you are after a mindless, all out shooter that can be played in short bursts. But I also especially recommend it if you have a friend who is willing to play with you as this game is meant to be played with others.

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