Pixel Puzzles 2: Christmas Review

Pixel Puzzles 2: Christmas is as guessed a Christmas themed puzzle game that offers a small selection of Christmas themed jigsaws that are easy to complete and accessible by many.

Whilst this is a Christmas game that offers 25(well technically 26 since you get a Santa hat jigsaw to complete in the main menu) Christmas themed jigsaws that are very cheerful ranging from a nativity scene through to food commonly eaten at christmas, although the main images used in the jigsaws are photographs I feel that they are of good quality whilst it isn’t of the best quality it is still decent to look at. Also I like how you get 25 images to complete as it can be a little jigsaw advent calendar provided you do one puzzle each day you even get one to do on Christmas day itself. But I think that excluding the images aside there isn’t too much of a Christmas feeling as the ambience of the game is lacking, yes you get to do Christmas jigsaws but there isn’t much going for it as there is little music in the game that is Christmassy, yes there is a short piece of Christmas music on a loop whilst you are in the menu’s however when you actually do the jigsaws there is fireplace effects playing in the background yet there is nothing in the game to make the effects relevant to the game. I also feel that there is no options to change anything as lacking even if you could switch music played in game or even a different image playing in the background as could have even had multiple options available to change it so instead of snowflakes dropping in the background you could have had a fireplace to make the background music relevant, it is also made a bit odd since you can change the background of the board so it is a different colour but yet the game doesn’t add options to change anything else.

Technically I will say it is decent as it is in good working order and has no real bugs as such. But when it comes to the design of this game I think there are some neat aspects to it such as the options to show what the image looks like and even removing the need to rotate images which is handy for children and others who may struggle with completing puzzle based games as whilst there is small jigsaws present there is larger puzzles which might difficult for some because piece size ranges from 60 through to 350 pieces.  However at the same time this game is lacking whilst in some aspects as there is no way you can sort pieces out (i.e. separate the outer edges) or having boxes so you can put pieces into shapes, colours etc but instead you have the pieces flying around in the background with no method of sorting them out and it can be annoying especially if you don’t want your main board getting cluttered.

In short whilst this game sets out to achieve its goals quite well although I can only recommend this game when it is on sale as it is a very short game that can be completed in less than 3 hours with no extra content on offer to provide replayability, also the fact that the game is a Christmas themed game means that it most likely will be used during December and not played with anytime else.

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