Pixel Puzzles Junior Review

Pixel Puzzles Junior is a child friendly jigsaw game that is explicitly designed for a younger audience (ages 5 and under generally speaking). Whilst the concept of this game is the same as your average pixel puzzle game; this game in particular is noticeably different to the other games in the franchise particularly in the set up and visual design of the game itself as it is as stated in the games title meant for small children.

Whilst this game is a pixel puzzles game that is near enough the same as the other games in the series with regards to the fact that it is a jigsaw game with a small but decent enough (for kids anyway) selection of 50 different images to complete jigsaws of. But unlike the other games in the series(which predominately uses photographs) the images are a mix of different cartoon style images ranging from clip art style vegetables through to a montage of smiley faces and the images provided in game are all in a similar nature which is refreshing and relevant to children.


Whilst visually the style of the game is decent I also like how the game does provide a lower difficulty level as you can do jigsaws with 9-56 pieces in them which is handy as it will mean that parents can let them play without difficulty issues, I also like that you can do any jigsaw with less more pieces as in other pixel puzzles games you are provided with a puzzle and you only get to do it with the pieces provided and there is no easier/harder levels available. But there are some design aspects to this game that I think is weird as there is a giraffe in the left hand corner in the menu of the game and whenever you complete a jigsaw the giraffe pops up with a canned ‘yay’ sound effect that I feel is strange as there is no need or reason for the giraffe to pop up and the sound effect gets annoying especially if you are playing the 9 piece puzzles (which you can complete in a matter of seconds.). I also didn’t like the music in game as it is only a few tracks on a loop (one for the menu and others for playing the jigsaws.) but I feel that even if the music itself is like something from a preschool kids programme it would have been nice to have more choice/selection of songs instead of a limited selection with no choice of what/when each song is played.


I also think that this game does have one feature that I think will frustrate children that being the floating pieces as when you are playing the game the pieces that aren’t on the playing table, the pieces they float around on the left/right side and I think that there should have been an option to have it so pieces are static as I would imagine some kids could possibly be annoyed if they grab one piece but instead another piece floats over it and they pick up that piece instead. Whilst to anyone who has played any of the other pixel puzzle games they are aware that this is a design mechanic used in the other pixel puzzle games but I am surprised that considering that this game is meant for children under the age of 6 they would at least add the option to have static pieces so kids can choose what piece they want with no issues. I also think that they should have added it in since in the game there is plenty of options put into the game to make it child friendly such as removing the need to rotate pieces around which makes the easier as you just drag the places into position and even having the option to have either a projection of the image what your jigsaw looks like onto the board or even a guide so that you can see what piece shape goes where on the board, you could also have both so that it is even easier to complete puzzles if you liked.


Overall I Particularly recommend this game if for small children or those who are interested in children’s games due to childish nature although I can recommend this too if you want a cheap, game with easy achievements to add another perfect game to your steam account (you can get all the steam achievements on this game in less than 1 hour.).  Outside of the aforementioned purposes for most people I feel that this game isn’t worth playing on due to the nature of the game as it does what it says on the tin (that being a child friendly pixel puzzles game) and it is explicitly designed for small children, I also only recommend buying this in a bundle or if it is on sale as you can get it for 39p and it isn’t worth the full price due to the limited amount of content on offer.

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