Probably Archery Review

Probably archery as guessed is an archery simulator however what you may not have guessed is that the game uses an intentionally awkward control system in which you control each arm in order to the physical motions of using a traditional bow and arrow, which makes everything you do a significantly more complex task and that is before you add in the challenge of playing the game properly which biased on what mode you pick can be very frustrating.

Now game wise you only get a choice of 6 single player scenarios in which you do archery and some of them are quite reasonable to play on however there are also a few levels that are very frustrating to play on. Firstly you have 2 different target shooting scenarios and I think that the 2 different scenarios each having their own difficulty level is good because in the first target shooting scenario you are provided with static targets in a field which provides a good basis for both getting used to control system and practicing various game mechanics such as how you should aim your bow to get the best score as when the arrow is in the bow it is often aligned to the far left/right of where you want to aim and how the physics work in game because in later levels you will be required to hit targets at a large distance. The other target shooting scenario is an advanced one while it operates in the same field as the previous scenario it does also have 1 big difference that being all the targets in the field move in different direction in a repetitive left to right motion which makes the level at a more difficult experience.

There are also other scenarios available that offer a different experience biased on what is chosen. In particular I like the zero gravity scenario as I like the environment as the background is pretty, the way that you can watch an arrow fly directly from your bow and watching it in zero gravity in a straight line with an illuminated path before hitting the target; although at the start of the scenario I don’t really understand why a warrior (which is borrowed from a combat scenario.) is charging to you in a straight path and in zero gravity no less. But if you think that the aforementioned scenarios are difficult they are a piece of cake compared to the more complex scenarios that are on offer such as shooting 10 flying eggs in a china shop which is the most difficult and fiddly part of the game as not only do you have to avoid shooting the plates/tea pots and you are timed to do this with time getting reduced for every item you destroy.  But it isn’t just a target shooting experience as there is a combat scenario in which you take on wave after wave of warriors charging directly at you whilst you have a army of archers shooting arrows alongside you and I feel that although it is a cool experience that is very medieval it is ruined because instead of watching where I am shooting I was more concentrated on where my arms where because of the control system in the game and if one warrior reaches you it is game over.

Lastly you get zoccer which is a game you get added on where you are in first person and you’re playing football but the field is riddled with zombies chasing you and you have a cricket bat to defend yourself. It is a bizarre experience because all the zombies are running after everyone and they all have the same asset with no variations, also whenever a goal is scored all the zombies will cheer. This mode is meant to be played in multiplayer alongside others but the online modes for this and the multiplayer component of the main game has nobody playing them so it isn’t really worth looking at unless you have friends who own the game. I feel that it is unnecessary add on for the game as they could have had zoccer as a separate game and instead put the time into adding more archery related content such as different scenarios or bows and arrow styles.

Sadly I can’t recommend the game as it is limited in the amount of content and it feels like a tech demo rather than a game; regardless as to how accessible the content is for players it could have been more than what is in its current form and what is on offer is a shallow and cumbersome experience that will frustrate many players.

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