Regency Solitaire Review

Regency solitaire is a golf solitaire game that is uniquely set in the regency period (1811-1830) and you play various rounds of solitaire ranging from 3 to 10 rounds per level in the game each being a chapter in the story(there is 20 chapters in all).

But unlike most solitaire games I have reviewed (thus so far) there is a story; the setting (as expected) is a story that is set during the regency period in southern England (namely Bath, Brighton and London.) and the plot is like something you would read in a Jane Austen novel. The general gist of the story of this game is that a young lady (Bella) is a member of a respected family and she attends various balls (and even aims of creating her own ball room) with her objective of dancing her way to find a decent husband, to avoid an arranged marriage whilst being aided by Lady Fleetwood who is her godmother and plays a role in the story as the ‘fairy godmother’ character that helps to solve Bella’s problems. Whilst the story isn’t very immersive I thought it was nice to have a story added in the game which is an offering that most solitaire games don’t have because predominately they are free from any story but it can easily be ignored if it doesn’t appeal to you, but if you are into Jane Austen/romance novels it may appeal to you.

Game play wise it is your standard golf solitaire game in which your objective is to clear each board with no cards to be remained on the board, this game does offer challenges though so it isn’t as easy, because for each chapter you will be expected to complete objectives such as freeing objects related to the story that are blocked behind cards or making a combination of a certain amount of cards in one turn. But there is help as when you complete levels you earn gold which is used to buy furniture for your home that provides abilities such as removing a card of your choice or perks such as extra undo’s per round but each reward is biased upon the item chosen. Although some items you unlock for free that you earn during the story, most of what you can place in your home must be purchased with gold. However I noticed that sometime no matter how many abilities you have there is you will have to redo a level because this game is dependent on RNG mechanics and if you have a bad deck/no abilities it isn’t uncommon to redo a level.

Whilst the game play might be decent I feel that in some options it is lacking as you cannot customise much in the game, yes you can change the aesthetic of your deck of playing cards and even have the artwork in game as your desktop wallpaper, but I cannot change any of the items used in Bella’s house which I think is a shame as it would have been cool to have a different coloured dress, walls etc of her house instead of the only option being the default option. Also the soundtrack to this game is 1 song played on a loop and it is a shame that there aren’t more songs available in the games soundtrack as it was well made but after so long I eventually turned it off.


Overall I can recommend this game when it is on sale because I feel considering the normal price for the game is £6.99; for the amount of content on offer it is a lot to pay for this game and the fact that it offers little/no replay ability it really isn’t worth the normal price even if you like solitaire games.

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