Rescue Team 2 Review

Rescue team 2 much like its predecessor is a time management based strategy game in which you manage a group of emergency workers that are located on 3 islands that have been destroyed due to bad weather and your job is to direct the people you have on your team and tell them what tasks to do such as repairing a house or picking up lumber so that you can rebuild the islands.


This game as a sequel sadly doesn’t add too much when it comes to fixing the borders which are on each side of the screen(which is now black instead of red) or alternatively adding any new story to the game as there is none to be had other than rebuild the islands that the characters live on after another natural disaster has happened and build a house which is the same story as the last game. But any new content to the game is relevant and often adds new challenges/content as there is only a couple of new buildings that have been added such as the hospital which sends doctors out to heal people, refineries which provide fuel which is a new resource which is used instead of gold to fund operations performed by boat/helicopter such as putting out fires or rescuing people in the sea.  But one new feature that is present is various natural phenomenons’s which occur during most levels these being meteors that frequently land on the levels that will block roads or alternatively to destroy buildings and earthquakes which destroys bridges. When these instances happen you’re given fair warning before it actually happens and you have a few seconds to react. However, one thing I’ve discovered is that if you’re assigning people to complete a task or 2 before anything is to happen in the event, the event is delayed for some seconds which is a tactic that can be used to your own advantage as you can send people off to do a couple of tasks to delay the event from happening or send workers off to clear an area of temporary resources before it becomes inaccessible. Another thing I have found is that when a natural phenomenon is to occur there is a trigger in the level for when these events are due to occur so if you replay a level you can use it to your advantage as you know when and how each instance is started and what happens at the ending of it. As example, in one level if the docks are being repaired this triggers an earthquake, meaning that as a result of the earthquake the bridge that has been built just to access them will be destroyed in some levels areas may contain temporary resources you can pick up and then never need to go back in other levels you will need to rebuild a bridge/clear rocks so you can repair a building that gives you renewable resources.

Overall I would avoid this game generally speaking as it doesn’t expand too much onto what the previous game was offering and I was expecting more when it came to new content. However I feel if you obtain it in a bundle or get it at 40p or less and play this game as a basic add on to the main game it is ok but if you are expecting more than that it isn’t worth it as it is too similar to the first game.

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