Rescue Team Review

Rescue team is a time management based strategy game in which you manage a group of emergency workers that are located on 3 islands that have been destroyed due to bad weather and your job is to direct the people you have on your team and tell them what tasks to do such as repairing a house or picking up lumber so that you can rebuild the islands.

As simple as the premise of the game may seem it is a much more than just go and repair all the houses on the map as each level will provide you with a pre determined set of objectives which range from easy to hard. The game is more complex than what it seems as because not only are you timed to do each level assuming if you want to get a top score. But in each level your resources are limited in one way or another whether that is because there is no means of obtaining food, gold or lumber so you are dependent on obtaining the material by yourself, the amount of people you have in your team is limited or that you have unblock areas on the map that you wish to go to which takes time and resources to do.  But before you start to play each level provided you don’t click your mouse it is wise to hover the mouse over every building/resource available on the map before you decide to play each mission as it will help you decide how you should plan an approach to the level which I found as a very helpful technique of knowing what resources I should gather first and the most efficient way of completing the objectives on the level.

But there is various things I don’t like with the game, firstly I think the game doesn’t really encourage you to play because there is no rewards to playing whilst you can earn in game points to rebuild a virtual house (don’t know why it is in the game as it isn’t explained.), it doesn’t go any further as you cannot earn any extras such as changing the uniform colours or obtaining upgrades such as being able to work faster etc. Also when it comes to having a story there is no real story and the closest you get to a story is the cut scene that starts the game and ending cut scene. The audio in the game is fairly mundane and the sound effects do get repetitive so most people will turn it off.  Also this game isn’t optimised for screens and you cannot change the settings of the games screen resolution and as a result of this you will get black borders with a square pattern around the screen of the game.

However there are plenty of things that I do like with the game. Graphically I quite like the cartoony art style as it is drawn well and it fits the game’s genre and target audience (that being kids/casual gamers.). I also like the small file size of the game of only 41 mb which allows me to install it in a few seconds on my computer and it does make the game more accessible since most modern computers can run it with no issues even on the lowest of specifications.

Overall I don’t really recommend the game at full price (£3.99) as it is very short and can be completed in a matter of hours with no extra content to be seen afterwards. However it is regularly put on sale on steam and you can obtain it for as low as 39p and that price it might be worth looking at if you wanted a simplistic game that you could play for a week end especially for children/casual gamers but other than that I wouldn’t get the game unless it was given away.

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