Rise Of The Triad Review

Rise of the triad is a remake of a 1995 first person shooter of the same name, in which you control 1 of 5 agents for the H.U.N.T team that have been sent on an mission to San Nicholas island to investigate activity that is taking place on the island.  The plot itself is exact to that of the original game as are a lot of the mechanics that are featured in the original game such as first person platform sections, the silly humour and items that are used in game.

In comparison to the original game whilst it does stay faithful to the original material and this is shown by the familiarity of the content being true the original game, such as the keeping the game mechanics that set it apart from other games at the time such as the fast pace of the action, the multitude and variety of power ups ranging from being high through to becoming a dog, first person platform sections and not going off the original plot but there are a lot of positive and modern changes that fit in with the game such as the soundtrack of the game as it is the same songs in the original game but it has been remixed into a heavy metal variant of the songs used in the original game which I like as it is true to the originals as well as having a new, strong and adding a different style to the music. But it doesn’t remove any of the out dated mechanics that plagued the original game had such as only being allowed to carry 2 extra weapons(shoving the bullet based weapons aside) and not allowing players to carry one of each weapon type rather than 1 explosive weapon and 1 magic weapon, the linear layout of levels which whilst it can be seen as a good thing as it makes the game less confusing for others it does detract some things as it doesn’t provide any alternate ways of completing the levels and I felt discouraged from exploring the area fully to find any secrets. However I do also think that whilst there are plenty of familiar content that has been reused/remade some of the new additions that have been added I quite like. Whilst there aren’t as many new pieces of content for the game as expected there have been some adjustments to the game that have made it more hospitable to modern gamers such as the ability to aim down sight when using some weapons which as much as I found a neat addition but it didn’t make me be any more accurate in game which I thought was a bit of a shame, but on the upside it is very easy to survive in the game as I played using the smg and holding down the trigger button the moment I saw any enemies.

Sadly this game is an extremely buggy game and there are plenty of bugs that live in the terrarium that is the game. When I was playing the game after so long I experienced crashes constantly whether I had completed a level, reached a checkpoint or if the game had quick saved because I spent too long on a level although sometimes it does it for no reason as one time I had left the game running whilst I went to the toilet and it had crashed. It does also crash if you use other programs in the background wanted to record game footage using windows 10 built in screen recorder it then decided to crash the moment the game started playing. I think that it is a shame that the game is as buggy as it is because there are plenty of indie games that were produced with a significantly shorter budget spent on them and they aren’t anywhere near as buggy.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend getting the game as long as it is at full price, however I would recommend getting it during a steam sale as it isn’t really a bad game content wise but the game as it stands is very buggy and the only accessible part of the game is the campaign as the online segment has been shut down.  Also I feel that if somebody had personally played on the original version there is probably more for them to get from the game in comparison to someone who hasn’t.

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