Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition Review

Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition is a online multiplayer realism based World War 2 shooter that is the successor to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (which is also included in the game for free); but rather than being based upon the battle of Stalingrad rising storm is based upon the pacific theatre particularly the Japanese vs American battles.

Whilst the trailer for the game it looks like an all out multiplayer shooter (like call of duty.) it is similar in many ways such as the setting and game modes but it is different in many ways as the community for the game is small(less than 350 players) but on the upside there isn’t many idiots on the game. But the main difference is in its design because unlike many other games on the market this is a realism based game which means that the game is more difficult as it tries to be lifelike as hints in general that are available upon other games such as how many rounds are in your weapon aren’t avaliable which most of the time makes you dependant on your overall awareness of your actions/surroundings. Vulnerability in the game(also one of the factors it is more realistic) is a big deal as if anyone can see you in the game you can be picked off at any time taking one hit can kill you and if your hit in certain locations on your body it is guaranteed so you have to take cover behind anything to protect yourself whether it is walls or even furniture, friendly fire is also a thing in this game so you have to be careful where you run and where your aim is; even running speed based upon how much you are carrying as you can carry 2 primary,2 secondary weapons and other items but carrying more items comes at a cost as the more you carry the slower you run.

It is also more realistic in terms of portrayal of war as each side has their own fashions,equipment and even use of native languages. The gameplay is more organised and reliant on team work as no man can complete most of the objectives single handedly to help with this you are put into squads with random people, although more often than not there was no squads sticking together and everyone went off to do their own thing which is a blow as you could have had a squad of frontline infantry doing one task and another squad doing another task. When it comes down to classes (with the exception of riflemen which are the basic class) they are rationed as the game doesn’t want everyone to do the same things and each class has purposes/equipment; for example the purpose of the rifleman is to clear positions held by the enemy and defend them until it is claimed, equipment wise a rifleman would have a bolt action rifle with a grenade(if the server allows it) however a squad leader has access to better weapons such as a better rifle and smoke grenades however they have more to do such as throwing smoke grenades so your team can attack a location easier, acting as an assistant to the commander by giving the green light for orders, marking co ordinates for artillery and acting as a flag pole as where they are located on the map squad members can spawn on them thus getting into the battle quicker.


However it isn’t very realistic as the environment is completely indestructible and items that you can take cover behind will not be destroyed taking one example of this I was attacking a building with a tank I decided to use a shell to demolish the building as a anti tank unit was camping there. When the shell hit the building no damage had happened and the building was still standing with damage to structure (except a small mark where the shell blast was.) Also if you play as a tank based role you cannot leave the vehicle under any context which I think is strange as if you are in a tank and you are unable to move because your chains aren’t working you cannot vacate the vehicle and fight on foot you are instead forced to stay there until your vehicle is destroyed which is counterproductive as either you are of no use or you lose the team tickets.

Overall I cannot generally recommend this game purely due to the fact that it is an online game with a shrinking community (there is less than 350 active players) and in the end they will eventually move onto other games. However if it is ever given away or the game has a free weekend on steam try it as it is a good game but I wouldn’t buy it unless it is on sale and I had enough people to play with as it is meant played with people.

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