Scania Truck Driving Simulator Review

Scandia Truck Driving Simulator is a truck driving simulator in which players drive through a plethora of scenarios such as driving around cones in a driving test through to more complex challenges such as driving through enclosed spaces or even around Scania’s demo centre, it also advertised an online mode but as of the time of writing it doesn’t work.

I think that the game is different experience compared to most driving games out there because instead of driving around a track or alternatively being given access a world and being able to drive however/wherever you like; in this game you are completing objective based levels and it is a more realistic and intelligent driving game as it will provide you with at times some difficult scenarios which will at times put you in close quarters and for every time you make a mistake it will penalise you. However whilst this game is mostly driving scenarios you are allowed to drive around a 3d city with goods of your choosing and even drive around the Scania demo centre if you choose to do so, but you don’t actually get to go in the building which for some who wanted a tour of it may be a little bit of a letdown even though in the steam description it advertises and I quote “Take the opportunity to learn more about the world leading Scania trucks with a unique opportunity for a virtual visit to Scania’s own Demo Centre”.

Technically I feel that the game is quite basic in some aspects firstly when it comes to customisation whilst you only have 1 truck design which is as the developers could have had a plethora of trucks for the player to drive in complete with a description of the truck and its statistics pushing the Scania brand. After I first started the I was quite happy with the selection of picking your own gender, name, what colour out of 20+ different colours you want your truck to be in as well as being able to have driving seat in the left side (most of the world) or the right side (UK and a small handful of other countries) which I thought was a nice touch since some people are accustomed to how they drive in the real world. But your profile choices no real effects on game play because your character doesn’t speak(so gender choice is null.) in the game your other choices actually have no real effect either as on most scenarios it is one challenge with no difference in driving around the area. Even in free roam mode which you are allowed to drive around a virtual city with traffic driving around the map changing the driving seat in this mode makes no difference except where you are sat which I thought was a shame as it could have allowed you drive on the left hand side rather than just being a different place to sit.

One thing I do think is strange about this game is about progress as when it comes to playing the game’s various modes you can access each mode and complete each mission starting from the top and working your way down the page completing each scenario, but all you have to do is complete the objectives in each level it doesn’t matter  how many mistakes you make during the level if you reach the end goal you will still be allowed to continue onto the next mission whether this is intentional or not I don’t know but it is a bit silly that you can essentially be classed as failing with your score but yet your good to further in the game which is counterproductive. I also am unsure on if the fact you can just go onto each section without completing the earlier section is intentional but I think it is strange that you can go straight to the complex missions while bypassing the training levels.

Overall I would recommend avoiding this game because it shallow, short and it really isn’t worth your time or money. Granted if you can get it as part of a bundle then it might be worth spending a few minutes on it but I wouldn’t advise seeking this game out as there are better alternatives out there.

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