Scribble It Review

Scribble it is a free to play drawing game, design wise it is not dissimilar to charades in the sense that you are provided a word and you must show your interpretation of the word on screen through drawing what you want so others can see what you have done. 

Unlike your standard charades game there is few differences in game design namely that you have to draw what your word is rather than acting it out through mimes/gestures. Whilst traditionally charades is generally a time based game I feel that the fact you can only have 60 seconds to draw your picture unless everyone manages to get your word guessed correctly is a bit limiting as some people may want more or even less time to do draw in as I would have liked for the option to be able to draw for longer times or even shorter time depending on who I was playing against. Although what I do like is that via the steam workshop users can share and create their own word set lists and I think that it is helpful for those who would like to create a purpose based/new set list as most of the words in the game are standard everyday terms such as cake or alternatively rather long and complex words such as psychology and I feel that for many people it is basic but sadly in order to have the privilege of accessing/using the steam workshop in game you have to pay £4 for the premium version which I think is a bit of a shame.

One question that one might be asking who wish to play on the game but don’t think that they can draw or aren’t able to draw very well (either physically on a tablet or with a mouse.) to help you draw/colour faster the game offers a  good selection of different tools including shape drawing which draws shapes namely circles/squares on screen to your fit and auto colour which I think is the most useful of all of the tools on offer which will colour in shapes for you automatically, I feel that the tools are ok for anyone especially anyone who is unable to draw well as it draws shapes for you but I didn’t use them as I tend to draw better with a mouse/graphics tablet. But I think that the tools provided for drawing are extremely basic and aren’t really anything special as it is merely just to enable players who cannot draw some access to the game, but for some items such as a dog I would imagine it to be very difficult to try and draw a dog out of all the drawing tools provided in the allotted time. Although I did manage to recreate a toy brick in free play using the tools provided so it can be done but not very well.

Technically I also think that the game is flawed as this game is based around language and communication and it is impossible to translate any word and have every player draw their own interpretation whilst everyone has to guess it in their language, although it can occasionally work(as seen in the trailer for the game). As a result of this the game isn’t balanced difficulty wise as the translations of words is poor whilst some words particularly those common in the English language are rarer in other languages and would be more difficult in other languages and vice versa it could mean a completely different thing as well for example elf in German means 11 whilst a German player would draw the number 11 a Canadian player would draw an elf and I think that they would confuse each other I will also include cultural differences as well whilst I am at it for example chips in America is the equivalent of crisps in the UK but chips in the UK is their equivalent of fries. I also feel that it erases the fun of the game as the game is based on creativity on drawing a pre determined item in a unique and clever way due to cultural limitations (As seen above as americans call sweets candy.).

But shoving the issues aside I think the game itself is poor(shoving the aforementioned issues aside) as this game is multiplayer based and the pool of people playing is shallow with less than 440 people playing at a time and once you join the game they can kick you on sight if they don’t know you or leave if they don’t win and this happened for me about 1/5 of the time but there is a lot of idiots that play this game as I joined a game once and there was a image on the screen that had nothing to do with the word and you cannot easily avoid people that just want to draw irrelevant or silly pictures.

Overall sadly I cannot recommend this game as it offers a poor selection of content for players to access and even when you can find a game with people to play with you will either be booted from the game or be playing with idiots. It might be ok for a small of group of friends but there is better options of playing like minded games out there.

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