Season Match 2 Review

Season Match 2 is a sequel to Season Match(read my review for it here) which is a fantasy themed puzzle game in which players collect gems in a minimum of 3 or more in order to complete objectives on levels such as unlocking a bee or alternatively clearing the boards.

Whilst this game is a sequel to the original season match it hasn’t particularly changed or added new mechanics to the main game which is a shame as the main core of the original game was just incessantly clicking shapes when 3 or more were together which is mindless and repetitive. I also feel that it could have added more content to the game such as new power ups. I also feel that this game in some ways has gone backwards particularly with the user layout as it has regressed since the first game particularly with the tile layouts at times don’t work very well which means that on some levels it is impossible to naturally pass the obstructions and that you are obligated to use power ups in order to finish the level which I feel is silly as the power ups should be a way to help you rather than a necessity.

But one thing that is new is the inclusion of hidden object rounds which is ok. However the inclusion of mini games is problem, particularly for some individuals. Firstly there is 2 achievements to earn for each level 1 for finding all the coins in the background which you can do in a 2nd run of the mini game which can be annoying if you are trying to play the mini game and get the coins, I personally completed the game and got the coins later if needed. Secondly some of the tasks in the minigames are difficult particularly if you cannot click on a mouse constantly and/or have poor reflexes as there is 2 mini games in particular that are troublesome due the design of them; the first game involves moving a circle like shield with holes in it around and there are tree’s and beetles that shoot fireballs at them and your job is to make sure none of them are hit if you don’t move fast enough you will not complete it, the second minigame involves constantly clicking on a expanding barrage of snowflakes to stop them landing further on the screen and it isn’t just the concept of both of these games that require reflexes etc each game is harsh and goes on for a few minutes. I wouldn’t have expected this to be a thing in a gentle puzzle game that is meant for casual games, it’s also a good way to break a mouse by ferociously hammering on the mouse constantly.


I also noticed that this game is very short and can be completed in a few hours even with the mini games (which in game is also put forward as a mission) I feel it is shorter as the levels are basic (albeit flawed on some occasions) and because the game is much shorter than advertised as in the steam description it states that there is ‘over 250 missions’ to play yet in game there is only 70 ‘missions’ to play on(30 match 3 missions,30 hidden object missions and 10 mini games). I also don’t like how the game also brands itself as ‘Easy-to-Play for all ages’ when there is parts to this game that many people of this games intendeds market would struggle to complete.


Sadly I cannot recommend this game as it isn’t worth purchasing due to how short this game is and how the quality has dipped since the first game. I also wouldn’t recommend playing on this game if you don’t have good reflexes as it will frustrate you. Frankly the only time it is worth playing on is if you get it for free/part of a bundle and that is to card farm or if it is a rainy day.

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