Sniper Art of Victory Review

Sniper Art of Victory is a sniper themed World War 2 shooter in which you play as a Russian sniper sent on various missions and your objectives vary ranging from destroying enemy air guns through to defending units during the siege of Stalingrad. Whilst on paper the concept seems simple to orientate a game around being an elite soviet sniper and you are sent off on various missions seems like a good idea for a game but somehow this game manages to cock it up on every hurdle.


Firstly according to the description of this game it is apparently about a soviet sniper except for the loading screens it is mentioned nowhere else in the game not even in the voice acting(which is American and poor quality.). But there is also no real story as the game doesn’t mention or use one (excluding the loading screens) and it is also not helped by the representations in the game as your equipped with German issue weapons whilst the wehrmacht are also carrying the same weapons as you with some exceptions were they are using a soviet weapon for whatever reason. Also some of the missions are nonsensical as in one mission I was tasked to clear out old ruins in order to use a radio to call for bombers destroy the old ruins which is counterproductive, plus why didn’t they just call the bombers to do it in the first place.


The design for this game is lacking as the game is a sniper based game and tries to be realistic but it fails to do taking the sniping itself as an example unless you play on ‘easy’ (recruit) mode (the feature isn’t available on ‘hard’ mode.) you have no idea where you are aiming as it will not tell you and there is no method of determining where your shot had landed and where you should be aiming (to cover distance/wind factors). If you decide to fight at close quarters with firearms(exception of using the sniper rifles at close quarters whilst aiming down the scope.) whether you hit your target is based on luck as there have been instances where I was cornered and at close quarters it didn’t register any shots. Another thing that is bugged is picking up dropped weapons as you cannot pick up ammunition from gun on the floor even if it’s the exact same weapon, if you do try to pick up the gun when you’re looking for ammo all what happens is that instead of picking up ammo you just drop your current one and replace it with the one on the ground(with the rounds in that weapon), it also up to luck if you have got a gun that has no ammo or alternatively less/more than you currently have unless you pick it up(not that a majority of the weapons are worth using.).

Technically this game is also trash as the options for the video on the screen is 1600×1200 which is poor especially for this day and age even for 2008 the standards might have been ok for older computers. This game does also have issues with animation in the game as in mission one where you first see the sniper he goes to prone position and then does the worm to move position it is also buggy in the cutscenes as in mission 2 when you are on a train the train model’s wheel don’t move but instead the whole train moves as a single asset along the track. I also experienced issues when I was on ladders as if you wasn’t exactly on the ladder you would be on the left/right side of the ladder and it appear as if you were climbing up the platform/grass etc. It also isn’t just visual issues as it affects the game in multiple ways whether it is the luck based hit detection or the state of the AI which is both very ignorant and unaware of the surroundings(as seen above where I picked off his friend and he wasn’t interested.) thus being of no real harm or is very aware and can kill you in seconds in the right circumstances.

Overall I can only recommend that you avoid the game like the plague as it is poor quality and is unfinished. Even if you got this in a bundle (like I did) or if it being given away for free I still wouldn’t advocate spending any time on it.

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