Solitaire Christmas. Match 2 Cards Review

Solitaire Christmas. Match 2 Cards is a solitaire game in which players match 2 cards of the same value to complete levels. This game is a port of an app store game but contentwise with regards to the port (at least on the steam version) there has been some additions to the game these being the steam achievements and trading cards, however the only changes to the game made have been in the removal of microtransactions as on the appstore version you have the option to pay real money for coins earned in the game which you use to buy hints or the right to skip to the later worlds(which cannot be done on the steam version) which I welcome as you have to pay for the game on steam. Technically however there are no changes between the 2 versions as far as I can find out.

While on paper the concept seems simple enough to grasp as it is a case of matching 2 cards together; however that isn’t the way in which you complete the levels because rather than matching all the cards on the table it is based around matching all the golden cards on the level, which are usually hiding behind various cards in the set layout which does make things more complicated. This is more complex than expected because not only do you have to prioritize getting the golden cards matched up but on some level designs explicitly those which have an odd number on their layout at times it is impossible to complete these levels in the game. This is because if any mistakes are made on your behalf or alternatively because the game technically isn’t very good in giving out cards as one ability in the game (shuffle) which intentionally is meant to change the cards that are currently on your deck/set layout instead it is randomly picked from the computer what cards you receive(even if it isn’t in your deck/layout) and if you are given the wrong cards you will have to redo the level in order to complete it which will frustrate some who play this game for a relaxing experience of matching cards together with little to no strategy involved.

With regards to design of the game I feel that the game could have been more festive as the game doesn’t have any story to it whatsoever and for a Christmas game it would have been nice to have even if it was a simple story about delivering presents(since he is on the main menu for the game), also the layouts for the cards aren’t really festive as it is just random shapes/piles of cards and there is not a single layout of a snowflake or other festive objects which could have made the game better and more fitting since the game is based around Christmas it was a missed opportunity. But I do think that the visual design for the game is good as the graphics in the game are well drawn with its own unique personality; although one thing that I didn’t like was how there is 12 levels in the game and there is 6 different background so each background is used twice which I think is a shame as it would have been expected for each level to have its own background. I also like that you can also change the deck of cards to a different design as there is a small selection of different card decks to choose from if you wanted a new look for your cards with designs ranging from traditional designs through to more cartoon style. However with regards to music played in game the soundtrack is limited to a 4 songs that whilst it is very festive and happy it is stuck on a loop which quickly gets repetitive so you will most likely turn off after a good while and there is no choice of selecting a different style of music to play in the game which I think is a shame as there could have been a few different track lists they could have done.

Overall I would only recommend buying this game when it is on sale on steam as the normal price(£3.99) is too much for this game but for 39p it is ok for a afternoons entertainment particularly if you like card games/Christmas; also other than the setting for this game I don’t think it is particularly outstanding as there is plenty of solitaire games out there that can be played for free that are better.

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