Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree Collection Review

Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree Collection is a collection of 4(technically 7) different games that are packaged together as one package. Granted these games are made by wisdom tree (a well known Christian game developer) and it includes most of the games they have made that was created for dos. Technically these games have been put together as separate games that you have to access separately and there is no documents placed with the game to detail controls so you will need to Google them or click on the link here!. 


First game I will discuss is Spiritual Warfare which is a Zelda style game in which you are set on a goal to save your city from sinners by finding the armour of god in the city that you located in, and on your journey you convert various people on your way to Christianity (ranging from civilians through to cyclists.) by throwing fruit at them and you can occasionally find various scrolls that are based on the bible which if answered correctly give you a reward. But if you do unchristian things like going into a bar or casino you will be punished by losing any pieces of the armour of god and/or faith points for doing so which makes the game longer. Technically I feel that this game is one of the better games in this bundle as it is essentially Zelda in a modern city with a very evangelical subject matter injected into the game in every way. However this game has been sped up and it is noticeable I noticed this on the first boss which is a man who is hiding behind a boulder and he runs even faster than the original versions, which I found frustrating as you only have a limited amount of vials to use to defeat him, meanwhile his demons are coming out of him and you have to throw fruit at them whilst dodging the man.

Second game in the bundle is Bible adventures which is a pack of 3 different platform games each with its own biblical setting. The first game in this pack is Noah’s ark which you are expected to fill the ark with animals in the ark, on each mission you will be given a list of specific animals(in the menu) that  you are to deliver to the ark. I feel that Noah’s ark is the worst game in this package as it is fiddly as you have find animals that you need on the level and then take them the ark whilst dodging other animals(such as snakes and monkeys) that will make you drop your animals.

The second game in Bible adventures is baby Moses which is another platform unlike Noah’s ark this game is straight forward and has less messing around. Your objective for this game is simple you have find baby Moses and travel from the left hand of the level the end (the right side of the map), whilst generally dodging enemies (such as the pharaoh’s soldiers) although if you drop/throw the baby to the ground you can actually throw some enemies into the river thus getting rid of them; however I just kept running as it is quicker to finish levels by running by them.

The last game on Bible adventures is David and Goliath in which you are to find sheep that are scattered throughout the map. Gameplay wise this is the exact same as Noah’s ark however instead of it being 2 of each specified animal you’re purely looking for sheep.  I feel that this game was just after thought as it is just a easier version of Noah’s ark and it adds nothing new to the gameplay, the only difference is that it is easier and more child friendly.


The third game in the bundle is Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land which is a crystal mines/boulder dash style puzzle game in which you are placed in a level and you have to find all the question marks and bags with M written on. But as you go around the map there is other people you must either avoid them, allow rocks to drop on them or shoot Wisdom at them so they fall because if they touch you, you must restart the level from scratch(if you have a spare life). But there is a bit of help as you can also collect books which help as if you collect 10 of them (or answer 10 bible questions correctly) you get an extra life which is helpful. I feel that the levels themselves are quite weird as they are in a cave setting and there is no difference or relevance to the biblical story as when you have answered a few biblical questions you get a picture relevant to the story such as baby Moses getting put in a basket (ark). Yet it could have been cool to have levels based around the part of the story the quiz was about such as the deserts or Egypt etc. I think that this is one of the better games in the bundle however the game does have flickering graphics so it isn’t for everyone.

The Final game in the bundle is Joshua & the battle of Jericho is very similar to the exodus game however it is a little bit harder than Exodus. Sure the gameplay mechanics are the same as you are essentially collecting all the items on the map whilst it seems like a copy/paste game with different skins on (such as Joshua rather than Moses, dollars/vases instead of Moses bags etc.) at first glance, however there is new content such as a vial that clears path and enemies alike in a 3×3 block radius and a new enemy that cannot be defeated amongst the new additions. Also in Moses you aren’t practically obliged to clear the entire map (including all the rocks) in this game you are and I feel that it is annoying as if you get all the money/vases needed and you can go to the next level why should you have to clear every rock on the map to find 5 faces that provide you with bible questions I feel it is annoying to do so. Also some areas on the map (level 2 being a good example) you get an area with grey rocks of 2 different but similar shade and I imagine that for some people it will confuse them as in some instance if you sing your way through the blocks you can get more points for finding items. I feel that if you like exodus you will like this but it isn’t as easy to play on.

Overall I feel that the game isn’t worth playing on as these games are dated and the ports of these games have been sped up. Also if you are buying this for the steam cards don’t as there is none to be had (even if it is stated on the steam store page). Frankly the only time I would recommend play this is if you are a Christian or if you want to play bad Christian games.

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