Super 3D Noah’s Ark Review

Super 3D Noah’s Ark is a first person shooter that is infamous for having a variety of myths based upon the development of the game. As title insinuates this game is upon the Noah’s ark story (more explicitly the Christian interpretation of the story.), unlike other rival games at the time such as wolfenstein 3D or doom. Furthermore this game is originally designed and aimed to be (at the time at least) a decent alternative to said games particularly for devout christians,concerned parents and children as there was no first person shooters that were suitable for children at the time that would appease parents concerned about games as well as adding another game to the wisdom tree brand.

Whilst the game is a port of the original version from 1995, the port has been updated with various upgrades as visually the game can now play in 1080p with true 16:9 aspect ratio with no stretching present, the mouse controls used in the game don’t feel as limited as the original version and feels more fluid than versions previously released on the PC. Whilst there is various versions of the port avaliable the version I used is the steam version and this version has achievements and trading cards on offer which I think is a nice addition to have as many ports of games released at the time don’t get this much in respect to porting an old game from the standards at the time to what is required in the current day. There was also talks of utilising the steam workshop so players could use the steam workshop to create new content for game and multiplayer support being added into the game which would have been cool to play the story levels co operatively or with various game modes such as capture the flag being on offer however as of now there is no multiplayer added to the game nor has anything new said been mentioned about either of them.

Whilst gameplay wise it is exact to wolfenstein 3d and they have various familiar comparisons as they are both maze like when it comes to level design which I think is awkward when trying to navigate around each level, .But one of the main (and obvious) differences between the rival games at the time is how both the aesthetic and sound design in the game are quite cheerful, cartoony and upbeat which most other shooters are not. The game itself is very innocent as you are using 4 different slingshot and fruit of varying styles to shoot at the animals(which have a snooze rather than die) with each slingshot acting as the equivalent of guns used in FPS games these being a pistol,machine gun,burst fire rifle and a rocket launcher as well as your fists if you have no fruit to fling. However unlike every other game within the genre that has been made you will find scrolls scattered though out the levels that will ask you questions based on the biblical interpretation of Noah’s ark which are easy to do if you have read through the bible or alternatively used google/smart device to provide you with an answer but you can guess the answer as you are provided 3 answers to choose from. In some aspects I do feel that this game is superior in comparison to wolfenstein 3d as the music is better and noah’s ark provides larger amount of enemies that appear on the map which provides more action and a challenge. I also feel that aesthetically the game is better as it doesn’t limit itself to using dull colours/textures that are splattered among the walls with but instead it uses a bright wood texture to predominately decorate the walls with relevant pictures and bars that have been broken used sparringly either as decoration or to hide secret areas.

This game for the time it was released (1995) was a good quality game with some cool cartoony graphics but I feel that the graphics are dated slightly but the game is made of 2d sprites it helps it look better visually and it hasn’t aged too badly in comparison some ps1 era games for example. However dated the game may appear to be it is still a fun game to play especially if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful FPS game to play on for a short period of time(this game is only a few hours long at most if you play for the ‘story’ but it takes longer to get all the achievements). I do think that due to the objective of the game, as well as the subject matter of the game it is a niche game because this game essentially is a first person shooter that was suitable for the games target market with little consideration for other audiences, however if you aren’t the games target market but old enough to remember the game there is some nostalgia/curiosity for those who played the game back in the 1990’s or those who like games within the genre it may still provide a few hours’ worth of fun.

Overall I feel that this game is only worth playing for nostalgia unless you are a within the games original target market or one who wants a first person shooter that is simplistic, colourful and cheery. As a result of this I would only recommend buying this game when it is on offer on steam during a weeklong/special sale as it often available for less than £1.

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