The 11th Hour Review

The 11th Hour is a puzzle based horror game that involves you finding your characters girlfriend in an abandoned mansion that she was investigating for a TV show that she was working on. This game just like many games at the time uses FMV cutscenes throughout the game to further the story.

Whilst this is a FMV game it only uses the FMV content as cutscenes unlike other games at the time such as harvester which uses it as cutscenes and assets in game. I was also thankful of this since sadly the acting in the videos is bad and isn’t even acting so poor it is worth watching to see how bad it is. Also some of the cutscenes are far too long in my opinion as the first cutscene used in game is 9 minutes long and after a few minutes I turned off and had no interest since the quality of the cutscenes are comparable to a VHS tape and after so long it was just dragging on. I also feel that due to the poor quality cutscenes many people will not be that interested in the story and in order to see the cutscenes, you are obliged to solve puzzles and click on the right objects in order to get more of the story.

This game is a puzzle based game that is set in a mansion that you must find your characters friend before escaping and during the time you will do various puzzles. However this concept maybe familiar to some since it is openly stated that it is the sequel to the 7th guest so if you have played it you will know what to expect. Gameplay wise it is a first person puzzle game that involves you exploring a mansion completing puzzles in each room that will give you another puzzle/item for you; in short this game is a giant escape room with multiple rooms to complete.

As much as there is a decent amount of puzzles to complete, sadly a lot of the puzzles in the game are frustrating and obtuse often providing no hints in game what to do unless of course you ask for them in the pause menu and even then it will only tell you so much until you pester it enough it will give you some hints or even do it for you if it feels like it. One example of this is a chess puzzle in which you have to switch the positions of the black/white horses(as seen above). But you can only move them in the same fashion you do in a traditional chess game and this can easily take you at least 20 minutes to complete if you know what you are doing and much longer if you don’t. However if you don’t know and Google for a walkthrough/YouTube guide for it whilst you will find a solution there is many people who are frustrated with the puzzle and feel that it is too difficult to do and mostly likely have given up with it. When you do play the game/puzzles you will often get taunted by the main villain of the game and after so long it becomes repetitive.

This game as much as it is a old game I think that it is of poor quality or whether it is the port of the game I had played on, I did find that there is plenty of issues in the game the first one I found is when I started playing the game the cursor had a blue circle that was moving around the cursor until I went into the game menu then it disappeared. As well as the glitches in game I did experience some freezing and crashing of the game at times which if you don’t save enough it will eventually annoy you when you lose progress in game.

Overall I cannot recommend the game in any context since the game itself has aged poorly to today’s standards and the port of the game itself is sloppy and poorly optimized.


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