The Tiny Bang Story Review

Disclosure:I managed to obtain the game during a giveaway however I don’t do biased reviews.


The Tiny Bang Story is a puzzle game in which you have to fathom out how to leave each area of the game by going through the area finding puzzles that are located in each level and solving them in order to move onto the next area.

One thing I will say about the title of the game is that it is a bit misleading as there is no real story in the game I was expecting at least some story even if it was a basic story based upon the (scientific) big bang theory. Whilst I have no problem with a game not having a story to it I did feel a bit let down as I was expecting a story based puzzle game as according to the store description on steam it does say that there is a story that involves rebuilding a planet that has been hit by a meteor and your job is to rebuild it but I didn’t find any mention of a story in the game, there is no written or spoken dialogue so you never really interact with the characters in the game but in some instances when they want provide you with advice such as telling you to find a battery to fix an elevator it will show you pictures in a speech bubble of what to do.

I will compliment the game itself on the art style which is a hand drawn cartoon style inspired by Dutch classic art that is of high quality, I also like the general setting and aesthetic style of the game as it is a steam punk inspired theme but it isn’t like your traditional steam punk universe and it has its own quirks that sets it apart such as having a green and vibrant universe and using the surroundings and items found in the game as a back drop such as a tower that is located within a apple tree trunk that acts as airport for those who live in the planet the game is set in and even a landing strip on branches.

But technically the game itself I think is a bit of a mixed bag although some of the issues I found are based on how the game operates which is flawed in some aspects. Technically I think that the game is basic and whilst it works ok the game itself doesn’t support modern monitors and its highest screen resolution is 1024X768 and even when the game loads it isn’t in a full screen but when it is put into full screen it will only put a black border around the screen it doesn’t cover.  I only don’t like how when you complete the game there is no reward for playing it such as new game plus modes or any extra’s such as easier/harder difficulties.

Game play wise the puzzles are decent and generally work well I particularly liked the jigsaw based puzzles in which you have to build devices or the puzzles that require some thinking such as an elevator puzzle which you have to reorder the beads based on their colours. However I didn’t really like the hidden objects based game play as I found that some of the items are hidden  little too well and if you click on them before the puzzle that allows you to collect them is initiated it will not pick them up as if it was implemented I could have saved some time. I also think that some puzzles would be quite difficult for some (particularly children/those who are new to puzzle games.) as the game doesn’t provide hints that often and if you want hints you have to click on a set amount of mosquitoes before it will provide you with a hint and it will only circle where an item is located, but some of the puzzles (particularly those that involve colour.) I think can be difficult as taking one puzzle as an example which involves players to put colours of order of strongest to weakest of the shade to each respective colour, the puzzle itself is difficult for some who have colour blindness I also feel that the puzzle itself doesn’t make it clear in what to do as I first tried to place the colours in order of weakest to strongest before then after realising it wasn’t the solution I then put it in strongest to weakest and I think that this puzzle is very likely to confuse some particularly children and those new to puzzle games, unless of course you search the solution which defeats the point of playing a puzzle game. Although some puzzles which are much simpler(as seen above) that involve colours can also be difficult as another puzzle I did early on was a simon says style game and if you cannot see what the correct colour is you will not be able to progress in the game.

Overall I feel that the game is a mixed bag of offerings, because on the one hand you have a charmingly drawn puzzle game that at times does well at providing simple and at times complex puzzles. But on the other hand I think that the cartoon art style is possibly deemed childish by some who will be deterred by the visual content thinking it is kid’s game, you also have the puzzles which can sometimes be too difficult or impossible for some to complete. However personally I generally recommend this game to puzzle game fans because if you get past some of the flaws of the game it is a charming adventure and families because it is a well drawn cartoon game that is family friendly even if parents would have to help out in some instances, but I would only recommend getting it on sale because it is short and can be in completed in a few hours.

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