Trucks & Trailers Review

Trucks & Trailers is a truck driving simulator which provides players with a plethora of different challenges to attempt, with a particular focus on offering challenges with the use of a HGV type vehicle; unsurprisingly it is only HGV vehicles which is a shame as there is other truck types available. However the developers of this game did also make euro truck simulator so it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

Gameplay wise the game is more of an timed arcade game in which you drive a truck and/or trailer around a course dodging items in the way(against the clock) and it isn’t much a driving situation simulator because isn’t really complex compared to what the average simulator but rather than provide a realistic simulation of driving with a variety of trucks and/or trailers it instead is a collection of challenges to play on, contentwise this game is not dissimilar to Scania Truck Simulator (you can read my review on it here!), as you are given 64 different challenges to complete with 3 different difficulties to have tougher rules set on you on each difficulty. I also think that the game is very dull as the challenges on offer are very similar in the sense to that a lot of the challenges are orientated around parking a trailer and/or HGV in a given location which gets old fast and more often than not in order to get the gold medals on the later levels you are required to complete them in an unrealistic time.


I also found out during play that all the vehicles that you can drive in game all handle the same and I was quite disappointed because I thought each vehicle would have its own specifications but it doesn’t the only differences between each truck is the aesthetic and depending on version picked what side your steering wheel is on, which is a shame because the least they could have offered with regards to customising your vehicles is to have the option to have different colours instead of being restricted to a dark blue colour.

For the game I also feel it is lacking as it could have been a genuine truck simulator that had you operating trucks/trailers in a variety of different ways and not just confined to driving them in a given area but the game could have been committed to showing players the technical side to the vehicles too but not just how they function as a vehicle, the game could have even got you to repair them, build the vehicles etc to show how they made and function as pieces of engineering even if to add more depth to game. Now that would be a more appealing game in comparison to a game that is about timed parking challenges.


Overall my conclusion with this game is that it isn’t worth exclusively purchasing as it isn’t worth the money (even when it is on sale) this game a collection of 64 different challenges that are mundane; I also think that even you got this game as part of a bundle it isn’t worth your time as there are better truck driving games out there.

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